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Stand out from the crowd with WordPress custom theme development 

The word of websites and blogs is more crowded than ever. If the design and functionality of your site are not unique, you could be facing serious visibility challenges. Personalized WordPress theme development ensures that your site has a unique identity. The uniqueness and design elements of the WordPress website or blog could help you stand out from all your competitors.

Wordpressindia has a dedicated WordPress development team. Be it design development or customization, we have the expertise to efficiently address your needs. From redesigning a WordPress blog to crating fully personalized themes for WordPress eCommerce site, we have diverse experiences. You can hire WordPress theme developers to dedicatedly work for you or outsource your project to us.

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Advantages of WordPress Custom Theme Development:

From captivating layout to flawless functionality, customized WordPress themes bring an array of advantages.

  • Separates your blog/website/eCommerce site from the crowd, helping your business stand out.
  • Enables you the customize the functionality of your site according to the website.
  • Allows you to quickly change the layout and visual elements of your website/blog.
  • You can do all these without learning technologies like CSS, HTML, and PHP, among others.
  • Makes your website robust and incredibly user-friendly, which further business.

Our WordPress Theme Development Services

Let’s create immersive experiences for your users. We combine creative graphic design with flawless codes to build unmatched WordPress themes.


Go to the Appearance button -> Themes page. Then locate the active theme and click on the ‘Customize’ button next to its title. Modify your WordPress Theme as desired using this page. You can hire WordPress developers from us to build highly personalized themes.
WordPress themes are collections of files that work together to produce a graphical interface and the design of a website/blog. These files are called template files. Themes create and change a website’s appearance and add functional elements.
The development time of a WordPress website depends on your requirements. If your requirements are limited and predefined it takes comparatively less time. We build WordPress themes and websites in the shortest turnaround time possible.
The development cost for a WordPress website depends on what kind of website you need. Costs are lower for a website with basic themes and features. If you need a high-performance site with more advanced features, the cost will be different. WordPress India offers competitive pricing every kind of WordPress theme and website.
A WordPress developer is a programmer who can make custom plugins and modules for WordPress-based websites. Businesses and organizations usually hire WordPress developers to build websites according to their individual needs.

Success Stories

We have designed and developed customized themes for virtually every kind of WordPress blog and website. From minimalist design-focused personal blogs to responsive business websites to feature-rich eCommerce sites, we have worked on diverse projects. Explore more about our experience and expertise,

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