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WordPress plugin development to enrich your website

Plug-ins are what makes WordPress the powerful giant it is today and their significance cannot be overlooked. WordPress supports a large number paid premium , freemium and free plug-ins that render useful features and functionalities for websites. Plug-ins have the capabilities of changing and transforming your blog or website's online stance completely. No wonder, having the right ones installed in your website can take it to the next level.

We offer custom WordPress Plugin Development Services for you if the kind you are looking for is not available anywhere online. Our services include maintenance and upgrades too, including assisting on the ones you already have or also the ones that have not been developed or designed by us. Our WordPress developers are highly experienced and qualified, with extensive skills and experience to their credit. We can take care of the most complex requirements and solutions you need. Needless to say, we ensure that the plugins designed by us will lead to an overall improvement of your business for sure.

Our Services

As a WordPress plugin development company, we offer a whole range of plugin-related services that you may need.

WordPress Plug-In Installation

Our developers offer expertise in WordPress plug-in installation procedure, ensuring seamless configuration of new plugins within your running WordPress website. We can help you configure it as per your need, even remotely if need be.

WordPress Plugin Development

As we have already described, we can create and develop high performance scalable plug-ins for your WordPress blogs and websites. Our team has expertise on PHP, and they can develop relevant solutions on them.

WordPress Plugin Customization

We understand the unique requirements of every client and customize plug-ins and add-ons that match. Hence, we make sure each of your requirements are tailor made to perfection, so that your website or blog will stand out among competition.

WordPress Plugin Integration

We facilitate seamless WordPress plugin integration while resolving issues related to incompatibility. We analyze the plugins you need, establish where the conflicts are, and choose a suitable stable version or an alternative to enable it.

WordPress Plugin Upgrades

Similar to WordPress core updates, plug-ins require upgrades too. What gets complicated is in-compatibility or conflicts arising due to other plug-ins on your site. We can backup and test before upgrading them so that there is no problem at your end.

Maintenance and Support

Not only do we offer comprehensive plugin development, customization, installation, and integration services, but provide consistent support as well. You can trust our WordPress plugin developer to keep your plugins performing seamlessly all the time.

Benefits Of Custom WordPress Plugins

While pre-built plugins are meant to improve the functionalities of a WordPress website, customized ones can take things to the next level. Investing in them is a smart idea as they are capable of unlocking new opportunities for increasing profitability of your business.

  • Easy Installation
  • Enhanced Web Presence
  • Expanded Functionality
  • Improved Design
  • User-Friendly Experience
  • Increase In Conversion Rates
  • Improved Security
  • Greater Precision

Why Choose Us

Quality, standards, timeliness, and more! We give you several reasons to choose us as your WordPress plugin development partner.

Adherence to the highest quality standards

With our hands-on experience in developing custom plugins, we emerge as a partner that you can trust. Quality is paramount for us, as we focus on adhering to the highest standards while providing plugin solutions of high impact and productivity.


Our team of seasoned developers is capable of creating exceptionally versatile and highly functional Wordpress plugins which help you in improving the performance and functionality of your website manifold.

Competitive pricing

The WordPress plugin development services we offer are competitively priced, which makes us affordable for all. Whether you are a start-up, or run a small business or a large enterprise- we are there to accommodate your needs.

Constant availability

As we understand the significance of keeping your website up-and-running always, our team of WordPress Developers is constantly available to assist you on-the-go. Our consistency and availability are our strengths.

Proven Methodology

With years of experience in developing custom WordPress plugins to our credit, we have come up with tried and tested methodologies that deliver value to the client’s business and are faster to market as well.

WordPress Plugin Developer for Hire

We have a team of expert WordPress plugin developer that you can hire on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis. Avail full-scale plugin development expertise without having to hire, train, and retain an in-house team.

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