We offer superior quality WordPress Support like no other company. WordPress comes naturally to our talented pool of WordPress Developers and hence we are thorough in it. With our years of experience, we have noticed that WordPress maintenance is a time consuming and not so comfortable process for most people. We know that and we would not like you to waster your valuable in doing periodic and occasional updates. Hence we provide the following WordPress Support services



Updates take a lot of time, and then some. As part of our famed WordPress Support package, we provide weekly updates as and when required. We will quietly upgrade your WordPress core when it comes out. We will analyze and update plug-ins and themes so that your site is always updated and it runs flawlessly whenever your clients access it.



The WordPress database is huge and ever-growing. Every day there are a number of new themes and plug-ins approved. It is often a doubt in everyone's mind whether to use one or not. Hence we provide a dedicated support service desk that can answer all your queries. Our WordPress developers can assist you in finding out the pros and cons of using a plug-in or even recommending which ones to use for a specific task.


We can help you migrate from one host to another if you are somehow dissatisfied or would like to undergo a change. We will backup, make additional changes and upload at your time of convenience. Our experienced team can guide you about the changes you intend to make and also suggest which ones to go for.


WordPress Development

Needless to say, but being an experienced WordPress Development Company in India, our support services are also handled by professional WordPress developers. We can add, remove, modify or build as per your requirements. We undertake full customizability. Call us or have a chat with us, and we can help you figure out what you need and what you don't.


We can help you replicate your current sits and build a staging version of it on our servers for you to experiment. You can test, monitor, and analyze the performance of the changes you would want to incorporate. We can give you a report on how to best proceed with your requirements.

Contact us today and let us take care of all your WordPress Support needs.


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