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As a wise man once said, 'If you own a WordPress site, there will be glitches'. Hence we offer you world class WordPress Maintenance and Support Services to make your lives easier. All you have to do is sign up with us and we will take care of all your site or blog needs. We provide round the maintenance and support services as and when your problem arises. Choosing us will provide you a complete peace of mind when it comes to WordPress Maintenance services. We provide:


Excellent Support

Our expert team of WordPress Developers has years of experience. We as a team, always thrive to make ourselves better by constant innovation. We are obsessed with quality and perfection. We provide support to all your WordPress problems at your quickest needs.



We monitor the security of your pages from viral and unethical exploitation of data by following industry standards leading security procedures. We choose proper security tools and scheduled scans to protect your web page from hackers and malwares.


Updating WordPress plug-ins and themes or the core is a time consuming and tedious task. We can do that for you and we do it very efficiently so as to minimize down time and guaranteed backup. We make sure your security and quality is maintained so that your work is unhindered.


Database Tune-Up

We follow efficient algorithms to optimize your databases. This ensures better performance of your website, which in turn means good for visitors and also makes it search-friendly. By tuning up databases, your site's loading times will be quicker and it can be better crawled for SEO.


Losing your valuable data or work because of a database or server crash is a fear that every one in the digital age has. Here we can give a peace of mind by performing scheduled backups to cloud storages off the site. We can also make state saves of previous instances, so as to revert to a particular stable state if anything happens. The scheduled backups can be done daily, weekly or monthly as per your need. There is also a provision to backup on physical media.

Down Time Monitoring

We make sure your web site or blog doesn't face down time. Even if it does, we will be first to know and repair at the immediate instant. With our WordPress Maintenance and Support Services, your site will never sleep, but you can peacefully.


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