29 February

Your Guide To Writing Code Within Your WordPress Posts


There is a very common misconception prevalent that it is really difficult to use the WordPress and make your own blog by learning HTML programming language. The true fact is one does not need to go through all these hassles. WordPress Website Development Company India provides a capable and professional tool with millions of preset themes, plugins and syntax that one can simply use to make efficient posts in WordPress.

A Guide to Writing WordPress Codes

Let us understand how we can use simple knowledge and write codes for WordPress posts:

Code Tag Usage:- An easy option often recommended while writing codes for your WordPress post is to use code tags. In the WordPress visual editor users are given two options to choose from- one is the visual and the other HTML. Visual editor aids in displaying code in the format of general texts and thus the web browser will not be able to detect it. On the other hand if you choose HTML code characters do not get converted and hence your web browser can detect it and create a messy post layout.

Using Character Entities Partially:- A small example can be given to explain this. Suppose you are using a code “div id=”menu2”, it makes WordPress analyze that this code used in between the code tag is for a formatting purpose and thus end up messing the entire layout. The best way to resolve this is to transform symbols to HTML codes. Thus, the above code can be rewritten as “div id=”menu2” by WordPress developer to solve it.

Right Way To Write URL’S:- Often when a text is written as a link WordPress transforms it into a link. To resolve this WordPress Developer India converts the slash “/” symbol into character extensions.

With these methods your code related problems will soon be a past event.

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