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WordPress Website Development Problems That May Annoy You

WordPress website development

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and publishing platforms for independent bloggers, content marketers, or individuals looking to create or redesign their business websites. It is ideal for beginners and amateurs as they can build and maintain a website with minimal technical knowledge. However, while WordPress has numerous benefits, it also has several drawbacks as well. If you’re using a WordPress website for your content marketing efforts, or are planning to build a website using the platform, then here are some of the common WordPress website development problems that may annoy you.

Problems with WordPress Website Development

  1. Requirement of Plugins

WordPress offers numerous themes for building your website. However, to build a website that meets your requirements, adding third-party plugins become necessary. These plugins are very useful for WordPress website development.

However, amidst numerous WordPress plugins, it is difficult to choose the right plugin for your website. If you find a plugin that meets your needs, you are not sure whether that plugin will continue to be updated and supported.

If you want to build custom WordPress plugins, then you can hire WordPress experts from us who can build custom plugins for your website land ensure that they are always stay supported and remain compatible with your WordPress website.

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  1. Inconsistent Backend

With many customization options available in WordPress, the backend of every WordPress website is usually very different.

If an individual or a company is managing different websites for clients, it can be really frustrating for them to understand how each WordPress account is set up to make minor website changes.

Moreover, it can be also a problem for beginners who need to troubleshoot issues as the set of procedures is not necessarily a one size fits all solution for WordPress. Thus, it can be difficult to find the WordPress support you need and the subsequent downtime can hurt your business.

  1. The Hidden Costs of Themes

There are more than 6000 themes available in the WordPress repository. While these themes are good enough to build a WordPress, many web designers find these themes inadequate and do not meet their requirements.

Thus, web designers hop to third-party themes sold on marketplaces like Themeforest or Envato. These themes can be very costly and there’s no guarantee that the theme you purchased will continue to be supported.

Also, almost every premium theme comes with a mandatory set of 3rd-party plugins which will make your website heavy and slower.

However, you can even build a theme from scratch to make sure that it meets all of your requirements. As a leading WordPress website development company, we offer custom WordPress theme development and customization services to make your website visually appealing and meet your requirements.

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  1. Security Issues

As WordPress is an open-source platform, anyone can access the source code and learn how it works. It can be advantageous for experienced developers as it allows for customization when you’re aware of things you’re doing. However, it can even expose your website to security vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.

If you’re creating a WordPress website, you know that you’re completely responsible for providing an SSL, doing timely updates, hosting, and maintenance.

Being a full-service WordPress website development company, we can take care of all the security aspects of your WordPress website and make sure that it is highly secure.

  1. Frequent Updates

WordPress frequently releases updates. If you’re working with a small setup, these updates will happen automatically. These updates fix all the security issues to keep your website safe.

However, updating the CMS can lead to many problems. Many times automatic updates will fail because of some customization. Updating WordPress can also cause certain plugins or themes to break or become incompatible. These problems may take time to be fixed.

Our WordPress experts not only make sure that your WordPress CMS is up-to-date but also check whether all the plugins and themes used are compatible with the latest update or not.

  1. Slow Page Speed

Increasing the speed of your WordPress website can be tricky, especially if you’re using third-party plugins and customized themes that make your site heavy.

Having a slow website can cause your visitors to abandon your website, reduce customer satisfaction, and lower your ranking the Google’s SERPs as Google’s algorithm consider page load time of websites.

Our WordPress experts deliver well-optimized and clean code. We make sure that the themes and components we create are optimized for page speed. If you want to optimize your WordPress site for better speed and performance, you can hire WordPress experts from us today!

  1. Frequent Error Messages

If you’re using WordPress, you might have come across syntax errors or the “white screen of death”. These situations may frustrate you as you don’t get much information about the issue.

The main benefit of using WordPress is that the platform is supported by a large community and a lot of information is available online. However, looking for an answer to your specific problem can be a challenging task.

Final Thought

It’s a fact that no solution is completely flawless. And, WordPress is not an exception. Despite the above-mentioned drawbacks of WordPress website development, many developers and businesses prefer to use WordPress CMS for building and managing their websites. With the support of a reliable WordPress development company, you can overcome all challenges related to WordPress development.

Being an experienced WordPress website development company, we offer everything from WordPress website design and development to WordPress support and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Is WordPress good to build a website?

Ans. WordPress is a popular and versatile website development tool that helps you create any kind of website right from blogging site to corporate site to eCommerce store. It is very flexible and fully customizable which means you will have full control over the design and functionality of your website. However, you need to be proficient at coding to set up and work with WordPress. If you’re new to web development, it is wise to hire WordPress experts for your website development needs.

Q.2. Is WordPress really free?

Ans. Yes, WordPress is 100% free to use and is open source. Open-source systems are publicly accessible which means anyone can access the source code of the system. WordPress is even available through General Public License (GPL).

Q.3. Where do I find WordPress support?

Ans. If you face any issue with the WordPress CMS or your WordPress website, you can call on the WordPress helpline number or visit their official website. Moreover, you can find WordPress support on the forums and communities. You can even approach a professional WordPress website development company like us for reliable WordPress support services.

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