12 June

5 Latest WordPress Trends To Consider In 2019 For Website Development

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Web development technology is always changing. A website that seems amazing a few months back may appear outdated to someone visiting it today. If you are not aware of the latest trends, it can be very tough to drive the potential audience on the website. Fortunately, this can be fixed by doing a little research work. Once you are aware of what you want and need to include in the website it’s easy to update the web designs with the latest trends. In most scenarios, choosing the right WordPress Development Company can go a long way in helping you in implementing the innovative trends. Starting work on a new website design is a little challenging and suspicious. You never know the outcome until all the pieces are fit together. That’s why checking competitors designs, and expert guidance is always effective. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the major trends to consider in redesigning your WordPress website. Let’s take a look!

1. Asymmetric & Broken Layouts:- In 2019, it will be common to see some well-established web design rules get broken. Broken, and asymmetrical layouts will be on the rise. The layouts will be present all over the place, having text and images overlapping. The deliberately broken layouts and sliding images will be on the rise to spark the interest of the viewer. But for the designers, the line between being unique and messy is very fine. With this trend, your WordPress Website Design will be visually striking and innovative. Your main goal is to ensure all your visual and textual messages appears clear, so never overdo it.

2. Sticky Elements:- We all very well know about pop-ups and they are designed to serve a very important purpose. However, from the last few years, the website visitors get annoyed with the use of pop-ups as it has become obtrusive. They’re irritating like flies. In fact, visitors move to another website noticing them. To address this, designers are implementing sticky elements in the website design. Smart and properly positioned sticky elements are far better than irritating pop-ups. They deal with important information, but without disturbing the website visitor. They have become the most useful trend in 2019, and are majorly seen at the top or the bottom of the web page.

3. Mobile Responsive:- The number of users for mobile and smartphone is growing at a rapid rate of 10%. Creating a website having a complete mobile responsive feature is a great investment for a business seeing these figures. No doubt desktop users are also present, but mobiles are slowly replacing desktop devices and are used by the masses. So, make sure the Mobile responsive feature is integrated when you Hire WordPress Designer in India for your business. Your website must be precise and easily accessible in smartphones. Just like the Desktop device. Another thing to include is the thumb-friendly navigation, as users mostly prefer the right thumb to hold and operate their mobile phones. In the majority of the cases, people use thumb over the fingers. This trend is very important, with design changes reflecting the use of phones with mobile websites.

4. Vector Design:- Many of the website designers are already using vector illustrations for their websites. This is a great solution for a number of reasons. First, it’s more innovative and inspiring than stock photos usage. Another benefit is vector-heavy websites display author’s efforts and uniqueness. Everyone can get a stock photo to implement in a layout, or even click a photo by itself. But not everyone can provide cute and appealing vector illustration for a website. In addition, even if you don’t have a vector designer for your website, vector illustrations are easily available from different marketplaces. For all these reasons and a positive response to vector illustrations, it is a great trend in 2019 to watch out for.

5. Video Content:- Video content has become an integral part of the website design. Posting videos on the websites, in whatever context has become a trend. It can be in the form of a header, background, a page with how-tos, and showcases. Seeing so much popularity, designers are building more space for videos to display them. The video content in web design is popular because of the social media networks. User can easily share video over the social media channels.

Wrapping Up:- Using WordPress you can build a high-quality website easily and drive potential audience. But to start the development, it is important to know the needs of the audience. And following the WordPress trends mentioned above, you can improve the business ROI and sales. Just take expert guidance, and try to create an appealing user-friendly website. Always remember, the end-users are the real critics for any product or service.

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