21 August

Wix V/S WordPress: Choosing The Best Platform For Your Business Website


As the internet becomes the best place for making your business visible, you need to invest in the right kind of website to give your business an impressive online presence. The choice of the development platform can make all the difference to the look and feel of your website. This is the reason that you should know all about the various options you have and also choose the right one. Over the years, WordPress has built the reputation for being an excellent choice for creating business websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores. It has faced some serious competition from others such as Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, and more, and yet has retained its position. Wix is one of the emerging web development platforms that is gradually gathering pace and creating a niche for itself.

Let us make a comprehensive comparison between Wix and WordPress on the basis of various parameters to understand which one would be a better choice:

1. Ease of Use:- Both Wix and WordPress are user-friendly platforms as they require minimal technical skills and coding knowledge, to begin with. Wix offers powerful tools that enable you to build your website. A simple drag-and-drop interface is available for selecting the elements of the site while a WYSIWYG interface facilitates editing, creating a user-friendly environment as a whole. On the other hand, WordPress does not have a drag-and-drop builder by default. There are a visual editor and a theme customizer for writing content and editing theme properties respectively. However, you need to get familiar with these features to use them effectively. This makes Wix comparatively easier to use even for non-technical users. On the other hand, WordPress has a steep learning curve and you may need to Hire WordPress Developer at the initial stage.

2. Flexibility:- Being an open-source platform, WordPress has codes that are open for use and modifications. It has thousands of plugins that can be downloaded for free while there are many more premium ones too. Developers can also build WordPress Plug-In Development using the open-source codes. While these factors render immense flexibility for the platform, it also elevates the risk of mediocre products being introduced within the community. Wix, on the other hand, is not an open-source platform which means that its tools are not freely available but rather integrated into the builder. While this makes it a less flexible platform, it also reduces the probability of buggy and low-quality products.

3. Design and Layout:- Another perspective for differentiating the two platforms is from the design and layout of the websites. Wix offers 500+ default templates in different categories such as e-commerce, business, personal, hobbies, and more. The designs are written in HTML5 and are fully responsive. The site designs can be further customized by using the built-in tools but you cannot change the template once you select it. There are thousands of free and paid WordPress Themes that you can customize for creating designs that match your needs. The theme range of this platform is far more extensive as compared to that of Wix.

4. E-commerce Support:- As the demand for e-commerce websites is increasing, there is a need to consider this parameter while comparing the platforms. Wix offers paid plans for e-commerce, which enable the creation of e-commerce stores. By using the WixStores plan, you have limited payment options as it allows integration only with PayPal or Authorize.net. Moreover, only a few third-party apps can be integrated into the store and those too are paid. Conversely, WordPress is an e-commerce friendly platform. The platform offers a large number of themes and plugins that facilitate the creation of appealing and feature-rich e-commerce stores. You can even explore the option of WooCommerce, which is a specially designed WordPress e-commerce Plugin.

5. Pricing:- Pricing is perhaps the most crucial consideration when it comes to comparing the platforms. Wix comes with a free basic website builder for free. However, it has some disadvantages such as it does not allow you to use a custom domain name for your website and it runs Wix branded advertisements on the website. Moreover, the basic plan does not provide the essential add-ons such as Google Analytics, eCommerce, and Favicons. You will need to upgrade to a premium plan to avail additional features and to get rid of the plans. The unlimited plan is available for $12.50 / month while the e-commerce plan can be bought for $16.50 / month. WordPress is available for free but you require a domain name and web hosting to get the site running. This means that you will have to incur WordPress hosting costs if you choose this platform for website development.

Conclusion:- Now that the two platforms have been compared comprehensively on the basis of different parameters, the choice becomes simpler WordPress definitely emerges as the winner if you are looking for an e-commerce development platform that is affordable and gives you the power to customize your website. Even though Wix is an easy to use website builder, WordPress still wins the race when it comes to building mature websites for businesses.

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