27 January

WordPress Vs Ghost – Which Platform is Better for You?

WordPress Vs Ghost

Is WordPress or Ghost better? It is a common dilemma in the minds of people to choose well between the two blogging platforms. The marketplace is flooded with many open-source platforms to create a responsive blog, but WordPress and Ghost got the majority of attention owing to their upscale features.

But again, which one is better for optimizing business results, is still the question in your mind. 

No need to worry. In this blog, you will WordPress Vs Ghost comparison, in terms of features, price, and scalability to make an appropriate decision. 

So, get the drill down to understand both the platforms and their in’s and out’s to better decide between the two. 

Let’s get started. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the highly preferred open-source platform not just confined to create an interactive blog, but also landing pages, eCommerce platforms, forums, and more. As per Netcraft, 455,000,000 websites are running using WordPress that accounts for 20% of all the self-hosted websites. 

In terms of technicality, WordPress is written in PHP, with no strict need to hire a developer for creating a free website. However, you can hire WordPress developer to add a handful of features and plugins to boost the platform’s traffic and conversion rate. 

Features of WordPress

  • It is an open-source platform for free
  • No requirement of developing skills while creating a blog
  • Choose own web hosting
  • Easy adaption to any website
  • Supports all kinds of media like images, videos, graphics, etc
  • A vast pool of free & premium themes
  • A large section of plugins for increasing functionality
  • Unified WordPress support community

What is Ghost?

Much like WordPress, Ghost is also an open-source platform. But confined within the limits of creating a blogging platform. To create an upscale level of publishing platform, Ghost is the preferred choice for you. Instead of getting down under the complex pool of WordPress CMS, one can go for Ghost for creating a blogging website with much ease and simplicity.

Features of Ghost

  • Open-source platform
  • Headless CMS for fast loading
  • Rich editor to add images and videos
  • In-built SEO plugin
  • Integrated AMP support
  • Full control over the data
  • Collaborative efficiency to dedicated user profiles

Difference Between WordPress and Ghost

Although few things in common, there lies a big difference between WordPress and Ghost. Refer to the below-mentioned points to better understand and come up with a decision as to which platform is much suitable for you. 

Price Factor


  • Free self-hosted option
  • Hosted version is less as compared to Ghost


  • Self-hosted option that is free
  • Hosted option’s price is slightly higher than that of WordPress



  • No need for technical knowledge to post a blog
  • Availability of customized options to reframe blog structure
  • Number of plugins to add different functionalities to blogs


  • Markdown is used to create blogs
  • Require short HTML knowledge for blog posting
  • Clean and interactive interface
  • Limited features strictly for creating a publishing website only

Sharing Feature 


  • Need to install plugins to share content
  • Social media platforms plugins to share blogs widely


  • In-built social sharing button to share content
  • No need to install any additional plugin



  • Long list of creative free and premium themes
  • Change layout and structure in a hassle-free manner


  • Only two available themes are there
  • Create a well-versed publishing platform with limited extendability

Final Decision:

Which is Better Ghost or WordPress?

There are two possibilities to select either of the two. If you are looking to create a content-based blogging platform with flexibility and limited options, then Ghost is the one for you. 

But if you like to expand the horizon of a blogging platform with added features and plugins, then WordPress is most suitable for you. Not just this, one can also create eCommerce websites, intranets, or any other platform using self-hosted and hosted versions of WordPress. 

So, in the end, WordPress wins over Ghost in terms of scalability, agility, and reachability towards multiple platforms. 

Now, you must be looking to create a feature-rich blogging or any other website using WordPress. In this case, rely on the professional expertise of a WordPress development company i.e. WordPressIndia to create a profit-driven platform at a lower cost. 

Are you still in dilemma and thinking about which one to go for WordPress or Ghost?