25 July

WordPress vs Blogger: 5 Things To Consider While Making A Choice


The choice of the platform goes a long way in determining the success of your blog or business website. When it comes to the creation of heavy text-based blogs, WordPress and Blogger emerge as the best options. Both offer a range of features and benefits, but the choice amongst these is to be based on your unique requirements. If you are considering these two blogging platforms, here are some parameters that you can use to compare them.

Let Us See Each of These Considerations And Help You Pick The Option That Suits Your Needs:

1. Ownership:- WordPress is an open-source development platform that gives you the complete ownership of the blog or site so that you can decide its look and feel. You can run the site with the help of a hosting provider and make money from blogging. The site is to be registered with your own domain name and you will be responsible for running and maintaining it. Blogger is a free blogging service which is provided by Google. It enables you to publish content on the web but is not owned by you. This means that the right to restrict your access lies with Blogger and it is responsible for running and maintaining the site. If you are looking for a website or blog that is completely your own, the best option is to Hire WordPress Developer to create one for your business.

2. Appearance:- The website’s appearance determines its ability to attract and hold the visitors. WordPress comes with a host of free and premium themes that enable the creation of professional-looking websites. Moreover, it empowers you with theme customization so that you can craft a site that matches your expectations perfectly. With Blogger, you get only a limited set of templates to use. There are some built-in tools that can be used for modifying the layouts and colors of these templates but you cannot completely modify them. In this context too, WordPress emerges as the clear winner.

3. Security:- WordPress is certainly a secure platform but the responsibility for your website’s security and backups lies with you as it is a self-hosted solution. You can integrate a WordPress plugin into the site to add an extra layer of security to it. On the other hand, Blogger gives you freedom from security concerns as it is backed by Google’s robust platform. Moreover, you need not worry about creating backups and managing the server resources and WordPress Web Development.

4. Portability:- With WordPress, it is easy to move your website anywhere you want. You can change its domain name or move the site to a new host without much effort. It is also possible to migrate to another CMS, though you would need professional help for it. On the other hand, moving from Blogger To WordPress or any other platform is quite complicated. It involves a considerable risk of losing your SEO ranking and followers on the web.

5. Support:- Being an open-source platform, WordPress has extensive community support, with ample documentation, community chat rooms, and developer/user forums. You can avail help online or connect with a professional for the same. Blogger has limited support options, with only some basic documentation and a user forum and.

Conclusion:- Going through these parameters would have given you a fair idea about the pros and cons of each of these platforms. Moreover, you can weigh them to understand which of the two would be suitable according to your requirements. While making a choice amongst these, you need to bear in mind that there has not been a major update with Blogger for a long time and its future really depends on Google. A WordPress website, on the other hand, is a one-time investment that you can make for your business. Additionally, it has the advantage of being associated with a reliable and secure platform that has been around for a long time and is expected to have a bright future.

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