14 May

How WordPress Tools help in Website Customization?

WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress is one of the most powerful and feature-rich CMS for building commercial and blogs websites. As per the latest survey, WordPress covers a maximum share of the world’s CMS market around 60%. WordPress customization supports the developers to build client websites with personalized and innovative functionalities to suit different business requirements. This is the reason behind WordPress popularity and why people prefer it over other good CMS.

Why WordPress is Different From Other CMS?:- The success of WordPress is because of multiple reasons. First of all, it is an open-source CMS with some innovative tools for professional website publishing. Any WordPress Developer can easily design and develop the website and can add additional features by integrating paid and free plugins as per requirements. WordPress contains several unique themes and developers can use it to build websites as per requirement. Programmers regularly perform theme customization, to build a website as per their requirement. Many people perform the customization work by themselves, but taking help from WordPress Customization Experts is a good decision. They are experienced and very well know about the free or paid themes to make a website more appealing. The best part of this CMS is the availability of built-in-tool. All these tools help in theme customization to make a good website. Here in this blog, we will discuss these tools in detail.

1. Advanced Theme Settings:- All the latest versions after the launch of WordPress 3.4 version support theme customizer feature that allows a developer to make advanced changes to the WordPress website. The customization features may differ as each theme has its own settings and frame. Developers use these Theme settings to build smooth and appealing websites for the clients.

2. Video Insertion:- Inserting video has become very easy to make the website more attractive. Having video content on the website drives visitors in large numbers as they get some interesting content on the website. Select the video code, open the WordPress Editor, and click the top right corner of the editor. Next, open the HTML editing. Here, paste the code that you selected from YouTube. This will insert the video on the website making it more appealing.

3. Trouble-Free Visual Editor:- WordPress has an inbuilt visual editor and HTML editor functionality and they are used to edit pages and messages on the website. The visual editor helps in improving the look and feel of the website as it hosts different styles. Adding images in the website content has become simple. Website designers use this editor to customize the website to make it more attractive.

4. Latest Post At The Bottom:- Visitors like a website that offer them multiple posts to explore on the single page. The latest posts or galleries present in the sidebar or at the footer make a website attractive. To add this functionality to the website, you don’t have to perform anything additional. WordPress has a feature for managing different widgets. Having flexibility and multiple options to edit, add or delete widgets in the theme make the website overall appearance amazing. Integrating this functionality will prove to be an advantageous investment and you can easily get such a website for your business by selecting WordPress Theme Customization or WordPress Customization Services.

5. Permalink Settings:- Permalink is one of the most crucial parameters of SEO because having SEO-friendly links on the website can help improve its ranking and search engine position. In WordPress, built-in permalink settings are available and developers can select from different permalink structures based on the website plan. Year, month, mail name, class, author, and other important tags can be added to the permalink.

6. Pagination:- Pagination feature is quite beneficial for websites having a long post and website content. Pagination gives regular break to the long posts to divide them into multiple pages. This helps readers with the Next Page option on the website. It is really helpful for daily readers to read lengthy web content easily. This is a great way of doing WordPress customization.

Conclusion:- WordPress is so flexible and adaptive CMS that developers love it to build great websites. It has several built-in-tools to make a website appealing and attractive. In addition to that, doing investment in Website Customization Services will make your existing website more attractive and it is profitable for you. Experts will remove all the bugs from the website to make it more attractive and appealing. If you like to make your website unique, just share your requirements with us.

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