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How to Change WordPress Theme without Affecting Functionalities?

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Planning to change the theme of your WordPress Website? Thinking hard whether to do it yourself or hire WordPress theme developers to do the job for you? No matter what, changing the old theme to a new and interactive theme requires a step-by-step process followed by professional developers. Moreover, you also need to know the process and certain considerations to look after while changing and managing the theme without affecting the site’s content & functionalities.

The appearance of your business websites matters the most. You need to keep certain things in mind while developing a website and one of them is an interactive theme.

If at times, you think about changing the WordPress theme to engage more customers, enhance appearance, and improve product/services sales patterns. Then plan to hire WordPress developers and get the thing done at the earliest.

All the more important is to be familiar with the process of WordPress theme changing task by referring to the following steps:

* Things to do before changing the theme

* Know how to install a WordPress theme

* Change your theme without going live

* Change your theme while still live on the web

* Things to do after changing theme

In the next sections, we will be talking in detail about the above-mentioned points to better understand the process.

Things to Do Before Changing the Theme

Changing a theme on a WordPress site is a matter of few clicks only. But certain precautionary measures need to take to implement the right theme accordingly.

So, here we have few precautionary measures to take before changing the WordPress theme.

* Copy Snippets from the Current Theme: When WordPress users customize the theme, they add code snippets to the funtional.php of their theme. At times of changing the theme, it is important to copy all the codes added to the current theme and add the same to the next theme.

* Test Load Time: It is crucial to check the load time of your website with the current and the new theme. All the more important is to compare the page load time after you made the changes. Also, for reference, check the load time using the Pingdom tool.

* Keep the Tracking Code Safe: There are times when WordPress users add tracking code to the files or add Adsense and Analytics code. So, while changing your theme, you need to consider copying all the tracking files and codes to maintain seamless functionality.

* Take Backup: It is always recommended to take backup of your media, images, plugins, posts, and the database before changing the theme. WordPress Backup plugin is a useful tool to copy the data swiftly.

* Sidebar Content: Add sidebar widgets that includes social media website links, ad links, subscription forms, and more. A list of all such things needs to be made before changing the theme.

* Switch on the Maintenance Mode: Lastly, it is always recommended to switch on the maintenance mode of your website while changing the theme. It is important for visitors not to see your site in construction mode.

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Know How to Install a WordPress Theme

Once all the precautionary measures have been taken before changing the theme. Next is to install a new WordPress Theme.

There are a plethora of free and paid WordPress themes for you to install and customize accordingly. Although, the process is almost the same for all the available themes.

All you need to do is first select an appropriate theme and start making changes. Some of the best options are mentioned below:

* Astra

* Divi

* StudioPress

* OceanWP

* Beave Builder

And, many more.

Change your Theme Without Going Live

Once, you have selected the appropriate WordPress theme, you are ready to switch themes.

Before, changing the theme, you need to test it first to check functionality and overall settings. Once done, then there are two ways to finally change the theme accordingly.

* Live Preview Option: WordPress has a default feature of live theme preview before installing the same. You can preview to know how does it look and goes well with your business website.

* Theme Switch Plugin: The other way around is using the Theme Switch plugin. It allows you to preview the theme before installing it.

Change your Theme While Still Live on the Web

Now that the theme you have selected is previewed and test. Next is to activate the same by going to Appearance>>Themes>>Activate Button on the theme you have chosen.

When you visit the homepage of your website, you will see the new theme fully integrated into it. Furthermore, make customized design, graphic, and content changes accordingly to ideally display your brand image.

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Things to Do After Changing Theme

Just like you have to take certain precautionary steps before changing WordPress Theme. Similarly, you have to follow few steps after changing the theme and before turning off the maintenance mode.

Here are few things to follow:

* Test: Make sure the fact that all functionalities images, plugins, widgets, and more are working properly on a new theme.

* Check Cross-Browser Compatibility: Make sure to test the new themed WordPress website on different operating systems.

* Add Tracking Code: Add Adsense and Analytics code to your new theme, just like you have added for the previous one.

* Turn Off Maintenance Mode: Disable the maintenance mode, if all the changes have been done.

* Test Loading Time: Again use the Pingdom tool to test the loading time of the website after changing the theme.

* Monitor Bounce Rate: Once you switched the theme, next is to check the bounce rate of the website. It is essential to see whether the new themed website is user-friendly and has an easy navigational flow or not.


Now, you must be aware of an easy and step-by-step process of changing the WordPress theme without affecting functionalities. Get real-time technical assistance of developers from a leading WordPress development company i.e. WordPressIndia without going anywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Is Changing WordPress Theme Necessary?

It is important to update the look, feel, and theme of your WordPress website time after time to bring something new to customers. Now that several free and paid themes are available, it is more than simple to quickly switch to a new theme and offer something interactive and refreshing to users.

Q2.Does Changing WordPress Theme Affects the Site?

No, it does not affect your website. Changing a WordPress theme does not break any of the functionality of the site. Moreover, it keeps the content, graphics, and SEO ranking as it is, without any change.

Q3.Does Security Feature on WordPress Update Automatically?

Yes, WordPress can automatically update itself, with a response to security releases and patches. Still, you have to keep a close eye on WordPress with the subject to new changes and periodic updates.

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