6 September

7 Measures That Can Get Your WordPress Website Good Search Engine Rankings


Letting your website visitors find you through search engines is the most effective way of inbound marketing, today. But, one needs to adopt a few key measures that can allow one to tap the power of this mode of marketing. Thus, here follows a list of key measures that can help you enhance the search engine rankings of your WordPress website:

Employ An SEO-Friendly Theme:- An SEO-friendly theme is one which renders an optimum performance to a website and whose code complies with the W3C standards. You can check the W3C compliance of a theme by testing it with the W3C validation tool and check its performance with an online performance checking tool such as GMetrix.

Use Quality Content:- Quality content that comprises of relevant keywords is easily crawled by search engines. Moreover, make sure that the keyword density of your website content is about 2-3%. Anything more or less than this range will make your site redundant in search engine results.

Use The Yoast SEO Plugin:- The plugin helps a site owner to write better SEO-friendly content by suggesting a keyword that can get you website good search engine rankings. The plugin, additionally, analyzes page content and properties with respect to SEO best standards.

Add Relevant Alt Tags To Your Images:- Google crawls a website’s images as well in order to gather the best search engine results. Thus, it is important to add relevant keywords to the Alt and Title tags of your website’s images. By using the WordPress Optimized Images Plugin, this can be done easily.

Add Meta Tags:- A metatag of a web page indicates the search engine about the content of that web page. By the use of the WordPress SEO Meta Tags plugin, a site owner can add relevant meta description to every page of a website.

Check Your Site For Broken Links:- Broken links stop search engine crawling, thereby greatly affecting a site’s search engine rank. In order to prevent the SEO damage posed by broken links, it is recommended to check your WordPress website for broken links by using the broken link checker plugin. After getting a record of the broken links of your website, you can edit the URL links or remove them altogether.

Create An XML Sitemap:- An XML sitemap allows for better indexing of your website. An XML sitemap for your WordPress website can be created by the use of the Google XML Sitemap plugin.

While the above-mentioned measures are some of the key measures that must be adopted for gaining better search engine ranks, it is important to note that getting good ranks consistently is a work of a professional.

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