12 June

10 WordPress Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


In the current technology world, there are two technologies that have influenced multiple enterprises and industries in an extraordinary way. And, these are: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Both the technologies are changing the way the enterprises do their business. Not only the businesses, these technologies are also putting a greater impact on the development world. The developers are leveraging the power of AI and ML and incorporating them into other technologies such as WordPress to make them more smarter.

As per the reports, the WordPress powers up the 28.7% of the internet and is one of the most popular platforms for website development. It offers a number of plugins that add advanced functionality to it. Today, multiple big brands are contacting WordPress Plugin Development companies to use these technologies to make their WP website more powerful and user-driven. If you also want to use these technologies, this might be the right chance for you.

Here, We’ve Shared The Top 10 WordPress Plugins That Use AI and ML To Offer Some Smarter Features For Your Website.

Akismet:- This plugin comes with every WordPress website and it uses both of these technologies for detecting spam comments and misleading links on your blog. It helps in fast loading of your website.

Whatsonfinds:- This plugin is built using the Machine learning technology. It is a content improvement plugin that interprets the content and offers information about how can you increase the user engagement by adjusting the emotions in your content.

Google Language Translator:- This plugin easily translates your website content for users and prevents you from developing a multilingual website. This plugin brings Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning engine to powers up your WordPress website.

WordLift:- This plugin focuses on the web-based services and improves the SEO of your website. On the basis of the facts, figures and graph, it analyses your content and helps in interconnecting them to offer better recommendations to the users.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner:- This plugin uses artificial intelligence to detect malicious code or malware attack on your website. It can be useful when you are suspicious about your website is blacklisted from the search engine or hijacked. It is helpful in scanning the infected website.

MyCurator:- This is a cloud-based content curation plugin that helps you to add the AI-powered content aggregator to find out the most relevant content in the specific field. It lets you add the article you like along with an excerpt and a link back to the original source.

Live Chat- 24/7:- This plugin offers you an AI-powered live chat assistant. This bot is available 24*7 and helps in pointing your users in the right direction. It reduces the human tasks and is capable of learning real-time chat data and performing operations better.

Recomendo:- This plugin is powered by both AI and Machine learning capabilities and helps in improving the user experience. It is also compatible with multilingual websites and online stores that means it makes easy to show up your products to your users.

WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration:- It offers discounts on coupon boxes that are built using the integration of AI along with a pricing software. The AI helps in determining the market competition on which bases the coupons are made. This plugin is useful for e-com websites as it makes them more powerful and optimal.

Kindred Posts:- This AI based plugin helps in attracting more users to your website. It offers relevant content or post to visitors by placing a sidebar on the webpage containing recommended outcomes based on the past searches. This way it helps in engaging more users.

Conclusion:- Hope the above-given information about the Best WP Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is useful for you. If you want to get a powerful yet result-driven website, get connected with WordPress India, a WordPress Development Company, offering the best-in-class offshore web development services all over India. For more related updates, keep visiting our blog section.

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