29 April

Tools That Help In Delivery Of WordPress Websites Free Of All Errors

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Testing is most important part of any project development process because only through this process you will know what customers will be facing while accessing your website. If you are not testing your online solution then you will never have any idea about the experience of customers trying to go through your website and about the future of the website.

Testing covers every part of the solution like faults in design, performance, working of functions, speed at different level, optimizations and many more. For an online solution one of the major tests would be performance of the portal on multiple browsers. According to the results of these tests you can always consult WordPress Theme Customization service providers and get the modifications in your design as per the requirements.

Let Us See Tools That Help in The Testing

Before using tools the first thing you can check is whether your online store is cross-browser compatible and that you can check by yourself. All you need to do is open your store in different browsers and observe if there is any kind of glitch you find. You need to think like a customer so that you will know the actual changes that is required.

It is not always necessary to go for professional services, you can check various WordPress Customization Service Blogs and then try to do the customization by yourself with minimal codes.

Browser SandBox:- This is free tool that will check your online solution on all versions of Google Chrome, Firefox , Safari and Internet explorer online. There is no need of installing anything and just a click will give complete results on various browsers.

Browsera:- This is the right tool for those who want to know the difference between various browsers. This is also free tool that will test browsers side by side and will let you know about the differences between two browsers. If you want to have some useful information about various browsers then this is a bonus tool.

Broserling:– This is the most famous testing tool among WordPress Theme Customization Developers because this will check your online solution on all popular windows and Android browsers. So, you will know about the compatibility of your site on mobile devices. The tool is completely free and all you need to do is enter your homepage URL and rest of the work will be taken care by the tool.

Apart from these popular tools there are many more tools that help in the testing of your online portals.

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