5 June

5 Most Popular WordPress Plugins In 2019 To Increase Website Functionality

wordpress plugins in 2019

WordPress is an open-source CMS for developing a website for every business requirement. It’s a flexible, easy to understand and secure platform for website development. But, there are few things it lacks by default, so it becomes important to add specific features for better functionality. Luckily, a software solution in the form of plugins is available to enhance the functionality. These are basically add-ons you can install to include new features on your WordPress website. Custom Plugin development services are available that can accomplish just about anything you are looking to implement in your websites like contact form, security and an online store. They offer additional features, sometimes making a minute change, other times applying a complete package. However, researching through all the available plugins can be time-consuming, so in this blog, we’ll talk about 5 of the most recommended plugins in 2019.

1. Yoast SEO:- SEO is a renowned strategy when followed perfectly, can help a website appear higher in search results of Google and Bing. But, for beginners, it’s a complex set of guidelines and can be tough to implement properly. But, with Yoast SEO a set of tools is available to optimize posts, blogs and website pages as per the trending keywords.

Key Features:-

  • Manage your search engine results, comprising titles, meta descriptions, and URLs.
  • Analyzes your pages and posts to make possible changes for improved performance.
  • Lets you monitor pages of your website to display in search engine results.

2. WooCommerce:- E-commerce store creation is the one thing that the WordPress platform doesn’t offer by default. That’s where WooCommerce comes in, as it is the most popular solution for E-commerce development in WordPress. Many business enterprises looking for an online store to sell their services on the digital platform are availing WordPress Plugin development services to get WooCommerce Plugin Integration. The team of developers offers plenty of useful extensions that can offer additional functionality for the website.

Key Features:-

  • Helps to display and sell goods directly from the WordPress website.
  • Comprises multiple payment and shipping features for buyers.
  • It offers an additional range of features through extensions.

3. Jetpack:- Jetpack is a renowned plugin created by the WordPress Developers offering a whole range of features like contact forms, user engagement options, site security, backups, and several more. If you avail of the premium version, you’ll get features to make your website rank higher in SERP, and other advertising tools. Jetpack Professional provides access to a fully-managed hosting system and a complete range of features to keep the website protected.

Key Features:-

  • It provides safety from online threats like brute force attacks.
  • Lets you protect your logins and add to your website.
  • Comprises various analytics and social sharing features.

4. Slider Revolution:- It is another popular plugin that’s a part of several premium WordPress Themes. It helps you improve your website’s appearance by allowing you to build sliders, menus, carousels, and many more. This plugin provides a wide range of options to showcase images, videos, posts, blog posts and other content in a very attractive and user-friendly way.

Key Features:-

  • It contains a visual, drag-and-drop page editor to ease the design mechanism.
  • Allows adding sliders, carousels, menus, and scenes to the WordPress website.
  • Provides a front-page designer, hence you can modify the home page as per need.

5. UpdraftPlus:- No matter what kind of website you’re having, it’s crucial to have appropriate backups. Having a secure, current copy of the website stored on a different server enables you to get back all data quickly from hacks, errors, and other technical troubles. UpdraftPlus is no doubt the most popular backup plugin for WordPress websites. It’s easy to implement, offers a number of options to save files from any loss and offers additional functionality than other backup plugins.

Key Features:-

  • Enables the user to backup website content with a single click.
  • Lets user to store backups to places like Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • It makes it simple to apply automated backup schedules, making a user save a lot of time.

Conclusion:- WordPress plugins are such a beneficial software application that becomes very crucial to integrate with a website to increase its functionality. The only complicated part is selecting the best ones as there are hundreds of available to perform anything you like on the website. In this post, we’ve introduced you to 5 remarkable plugins of 2019. If you want to integrate any of the above or some other plugin, simply hire a WordPress Plugin Developer, to get the best service for your website. All the development plugins mentioned above are amazing and feature-rich, which you can integrate to add functionality to the website.

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