4 September

7 WordPress Plugins That Every Business Website Must Have


The key to creating a winning business site is to enrich it with the right functionalities. If you choose WordPress, you get an amazing range of plugins to play with. But do you really know which plugins to use for your site? The choice can be a challenge because you need to differentiate between the ones that can add true value to your site and those which can cause problems like mutual conflicts. An overview of a few plugins that provide the essential functionalities can help.

Let Us Know About The WordPress Plugins That You Must Absolutely Have On Your Business Website:

1. Really Simple SSL:- Are you aware that SSL (Security Sockets Layer) has been established as a norm by Google and a site that does not follow this norm is likely to experience high bounce rates? Then you must have a plugin that enables the SSL configuration for WordPress site. Really Simple SSL plugin is the answer; it can be implemented by activating it and enabling SSL with one click. However, an SSL certificate has to be purchased and installed separately on the server or hosting package before implementing this plugin.

2. Wordfence Security:- Securing your site is no longer a problem as Wordfence Security is right here. It offers protection for your site by running all the routine scans and alerts, banning IPs, and blocking brute-force logins. It is a freemium plugin and you can avail extra features such as two-factor authentication, country blocking, and real-time malware signature updates by opting for its premium version. The popularity of Wordfence Security can be judged from the fact that it has more than 2 million active installations.

3. Yoast SEO:- Do you want your business website to be on the top of the search rankings? The solution is to win the SEO game. Yoast SEO is one of the most widely used SEO plugins for WordPress Web Development Company. It serves a range of features enabling on-page optimizations for deindexing categories and tags, without having to go through the backend complications. It also comes with on-page guides which are helpful for writing titles and meta descriptions. Other features that you can get by availing this plugin include snipper previews and bulk editing.

4. Simple 301 Redirects:- Simple 301 Redirects is a free plugin that facilitates the application of 301 redirects to old URLs in a simple and easy way. 301 redirects play a key role in the SEO strategy for your website as they send the users to the desired destination when there are changes in the URL structures of the site’s pages. This plugin allows redirection only within one domain and does not support external cross-domain redirects.

5. BackWpUp:- One of the plugins is BackWPUp which performs the critical function of backing up your site and enabling disaster recovery in case of the site being hacked or the database becoming corrupted. The service comes free of cost and enables you to back up the files, themes, and database simply from your dashboard.

6. Akismet Anti Spam:- Spam is one common issue that most of the WordPress sites have to deal with. No worries, as the free Akismet Anti-Spam is there to handle this issue. The plugin automatically cross-references the comments on the blog with the global spam database to identify malicious comments and inform about them. Akismet can be integrated with Content Form 7 to prevent spamming during form submission.

7. WPSmush:- An image optimization plugin, WP Smush is an image compression tool that compresses the images on the site to reduce the load on the servers and enhance the performance of the website. At the same time, it ensures that the image quality is not compromised in any way. The main purpose it serves is to address the site speed issues caused by the large image files.

Conclusion:- When you Hire WordPress Web Developer to create your business website, discuss all your functionality requirements with him so that he can come up with the right plugin options for fulfilling them. At WordPress India, we specialize in plugin development, customization, installation, and integration to help clients get a website that matches their needs perfectly. We hold expertise in this platform as we have worked with a variety of plugins to render the right functionalities for different kinds of WordPress sites.

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