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WordPress Payment Gateway: All You Need to Know

WordPress Payment Gateway

One of the fundamental targets for an e-commerce store will be to increase its sales. To achieve this target, you need to provide an unblemished payment process on your website. This will provide a user-friendly and seamless experience for your customers when they check out and make payments with WordPress payment gateways.

Before going to the final payment stage, customers have to perform various steps. WordPress is open-source software that is mainly intended for blogging and not for e-commerce. To provide an instant checkout for your esteemed customers you need to carry out an integration with a WordPress payment plugin.  

Let’s take a deep dive to know what is WordPress payment processors, popular WooCommerce payment gateways, and WordPress Payment Gateway.  

What is WordPress Payment Processor? 

Payment Processor is a company that handles the overall procedure of transactions involving credit and debit cards. In the process of making payments, the amount is moved from one account to another account. Generally, there are two categories of payment processors namely 

  • Front-end processors 
  • Back-end processors 

Some of the popular payment processors are Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, and WooCommerce Payments.  

Popular WooCommerce Payment Gateways for WordPress 

Various payment gateways are supported by WooCommerce. They are popularly known as WooCommerce plugins. These extensions help in integrating the payment services in the checkout process for WooCommerce.  

Some of the popular WooCommerce payment gateways are described as follows: 


One of the most common payment gateways for WooCommerce is Stripe. This payment gateway accepts the payments done by credit cards. When you are using WooCommerce then it comes with built-in support where you can select Stripe as the option for payment gateway.  

Stripe is supportive of all the popular debit and credit cards. You will be surprised to know that Stripe is available in more than 40 countries and it supports more than 135 currencies. The users enjoy an improved checkout experience by using Stripe as it works both on desktop and mobile. You do not require any particular subscription for Stripe.  

2.PayPal Standard 

Ecommerce stores make use of PayPal payment service. On your online store, the WooCommerce is accompanied by built-in support for PayPal. It is regarded as one of the pioneers in the payment industry offering diver services ranging from business to personal and eCommerce as well. 

You must have a PayPal business account to use this WooCommerce extension. The charges for using PayPal are based on what account you have, and what sales are you making. This can enhance your business further.  

3.WooCommerce Payments

WooCommerce payments are a popular payment gateway as it offers a better checkout experience along with a WooCommerce payment gateway integration. Considering the current scenario, WooCommerce Payments is available for merchants who are US-based and sell products in US dollars. 


Authorize.Net is a widely used payment gateway in businesses for merchants who reside in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and Canada. It is known for providing a seamless checkout experience to all the customers who are using credit cards for transactions.  

What is a WordPress Payment Gateway? 

A payment gateway is a third-party extension that handles payments for customers. It also associates the processors with the shopping cart of the customers.  

Two kinds of payment gateways existed namely direct and redirect.  

Direct Payment Gateway: It refers to a process in which a customer finishes a transaction on your website.  

Redirect Payment Gateway: In this type of gateway, a customer does not complete the payment on your website. The process directs them to another page for completing the payment process. You can hire a dedicated WordPress developer if you want any help to create any payment gateway for your website.  

If you are building your website with any other third part, there are numerous things you need to consider here. Let’s discuss that in details: 


There is an upfront cost associated with most of the third-party integration. However, for payment processors, always take a closer look to the fine print. Because there are the fees to pay for each transaction is processed. Also there are some charges that your customer needs to bear during clearing out the fees through payment gateway.  

Payment Location 

There are some payment gateways which enable users to make the payment on their website through API. There are some payment gateway providers which are trusted and well-known as well.  

Merchant Account 

You can consider several payment processors who will ask you to generate separate merchant account on which the fees will be deposited.  

Payment processing is the most overlooked part while you are setting up your eCommerce website. However this should be focused to get the conversions. To get the success to your eCommerce business, you need to design the eCommerce payment processing seamless, inclusive and secure. For this, you need to figure out which payment gateway you need to choose for building your website.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which payment gateway is best for WordPress? 

Some of the best payment gateways for WordPress are PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Authorize.Net, and Braintree. 

2.How do I create a payment gateway in WordPress? 

You have to choose donations and settings available on the left menu in the WordPress dashboard. After then you need to select the payment gateways tab. Then, you can choose the payment gateway of your own choice. Select the same gateway link present at the top of the page. Finally, you can complete the form by adding all essential details such as email, APIs, and other essential information. 

3.How do I accept payments on WordPress? 

 There is a tool called as PayPal Buy Now Button that is used for accepting payments on WordPress. You can insert single button or multiple buttons as per your convenience. The button will enable the customers to pay using PayPal. 

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