24 June

Top 18 WordPress Plugins You Must Have On Your News Website

News is something on which we all largely rely on for current events and a good news channel is the nation talking itself. Nowadays, as majority of the worldwide population is accessing things online, and with this trend, the news channels have also created their online platforms too. Different websites have different design layouts and it is the same with news as well. A news website will have a layout that will be filled with sliding headlines, blogs, images, videos, galleries, and more. All these can be done either with new WordPress themes or news WordPress plugins or both. It is good to use WordPress plugins for news site because they do not only provide you with the design layout but also collects news bits from all over the world and present them in a logical way on the homepage. WordPress repository offers a plethora of ready-made WordPress plugins for a news site. However, it can be a bit of struggle to find out the best WordPress plugins to have on your news website. No worries. We have aggregated some of the best news WordPress plugins for your site that could give a feel like a stunning newspaper website.

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List of Best WordPress Plugins for News Website

1. News Announcement Scroll
News Announcement Scroll plugin lets you offer significant notices and upcoming events for your audience. This WordPress news plugin is one of the widely-used plugins with 9000+ installations and has earned positive reviews from users. It is an easy-to-use plugin that comes with several features including

• News expiration date setup

• Add unlimited news
• Scroll direction customization
• News order prioritization
• Create/Edit Groups for news
• Temporary news hide option and much more

2. WP-Polls
WP-Polls allows you to improve the interaction and feedback of your site visitors by displaying the polls and its results on your sidebar or footer of your news website. This will help you encourage your audience to participate in the survey. Features of WP-Polls include:

• 100% customizable via CSS

• Supports multiple answer choices
• Provides various options to run the post as you wish
This WordPress Poll Plugin is being used by 100,000 + users and has earned a good rating from them.

3. Ditty News Ticker

Ditty News Ticker comes with a multi-functional data display feature. It allows you to easily add custom news tickers to your news site. Some of its features include:

• Offers three default ticker modes i.e. Scroll, Rotate & List

• Include tickers through shortcodes, direct functions or widget
• Additional ticker types are available in the paid version
Currently, this WordPress plugin has 30,000 active installs and received a positive evaluation from the users.

4. Organize Series

Generally, news websites have innumerable articles, and managing them efficiently becomes a difficult task for the site owners. Organize Series plugin is an article managing plugin that provides perfect assistance in organizing and displaying the posts to make it easier for readers to find out the information they are looking for. This WordPress plugin allows one to

• Write a series of posts and automatically link them together

• Customize the archive page for series
• Create a page that lists all the series available
This plugin had 4000+ active users and acquired good reviews from them.

5. WP Frontpage News

This WordPress plugin lets you display news content in a dynamic way. WP Frontpage News plugin automatically formats the news content as per your preferences or requirements and allows you to present a large piece of content in a limited space. This helps you nudge your reader’s focus only on the information that you’ve provided. Some of the exciting features of this plugin include:

• Showcases a news carousel on the homepage

• Unlimited latest posts instances
• Highly customizable news template
• Include news section in the content editor with a button
• Display as the sidebar widget
• Select the number of columns, elements, and pages in a news block
• Set limits on the total number of displayed news items
• Select image source
• Add custom margins around images
• Supports WordPress default themes and custom themes and styling
As of now, its current install count is 6,000 + with quite good ratings.

6. WP News And Scrolling Widgets

WP News And Scrolling Widgets allow you to showcase and manage the news content in a consistent manner. This WordPress plugin is easy to use and is fully customizable. Some of the notable features of this plugin include:

• Supports multiple languages, layouts, and Google Fonts

• Three featured posts grid and slider designs
• Provides options for showing date, category, short and full content
• Comes with a list view
You will enjoy extra features after you’ve upgraded it to its premium version. This WordPress plugin has achieved 10,000+ installations until now.

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7. Issuem
Issuem allows you to convert your news site into an online issue publishing platform. This WordPress news plugin helps you deliver a less-frantic, well-ordered reading experience to your audience. Its best features are listed below.

• Create issues

• Create articles and allocate articles to particular issues
• Publish an issue and all related articles at the same time
• Display past issues and a current-issue article list through a widget
• Allow readers to easily search for content
• Options to select featured articles to be presented in a rotating article showcase
• Display issues with a ready-to-go, yet customizable, issue table of contents page
This news management WordPress plugin has been downloaded by thousands of users.

8. News Manager

This is one of the latest WordPress news plugin that allows you to add, manage, and present news on your site in a smart way. Some of its stunning features include:

• Simple and easy to configure

• Seamless integrations with any theme
• Supports Yearly, Monthly, and Daily Archives
• Supports Ajax News Calendar
• Includes News Categories & Tags
• Set custom permissions for News
• 5 News widgets
• Compatible with WPML & Polylang
• .pot file for translations added

9. Vertical News Scroller
If you need to highlight your new news posts as per their importance, then Vertical News Scroller can be the best option for you. It is fast, easy-to-use, and powerful WordPress news plugin that comes with a plethora of features such as

• Add unlimited news and display users the number of news needed

• Manage scrolling news speed, height, and width
• Build without PHP & HTML
• User-friendly and compatible with WordPress themes
• A bit of CSS

Its Premium version includes:

• Multiple news categories and two news styles like Modern, Classic
• News order and mass news order with thumbnail images
• Choose your color for your title & description
• Set your font and description size
• User-friendly responsive design layout

10. Breaking News WP
Breaking News WP lets you put a custom breaking news bar as per your preferences and customize it in different ways like bar dimensions, the color of the background, title and news title bar, number of news content to display, filter, and sort news based on categories. There is also a possibility of adding a personalized text.

• Open-source software

• Fully customizable
• Filter option base categories
• User-friendly dashboard

11. Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails
This news WordPress plugin is based on the popular default WordPress widget ‘Recent Posts’ and expanded to access more posts information like excerpts, thumbnails, and assigned categories. This plugin is extremely lightweight, easy-to-use, and efficient.

• Supports Elementor

• Various post categories settings such as show post author, open post in new windows, sticky posts, post title, and more.
• Featured image customize options and set the default thumbnail
• CSS friendly
• Manage random post orders
• Excerpt options

12. WP RSS Aggregator

If you need to operate concurrently with several news feeds, then you can use this plugin for WordPress RSS feed. This intuitive plugin provides great management for each person’s feed.
Some of its salient features include:

• Single page management

• Customizable design templates with styling options
• Import channel or user URL from YouTube
• Supported by Shortcode and block
• Reduce the number of products stored and collected to achieve better efficiency

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13. Feedzy
Feedzy RSS Feeds allows you to use the simple PHP Class to add several RSS feeds to your WordPress news website. For extra features, you need to upgrade to the premium version of Feedzy RSS Feeds.

• Control various things you want to view for a source of feed

• Import pictures with your RSS feed or use your own picture or logo for imageless feeds
• Control meta fields that you need to display, such as the RSS feed author, date & time
• Data accessible around platforms
• Supported by Elementor, Shortcode, Gutenburg block

14. PJ News Ticker
This tiny WordPress plugin shows your latest posts in a marquee style. You can embed the news ticker with shortcodes wherever you want.

• Simple & Fast

• Marquee style embed
• User-friendly dashboard
• Recent post customization

15. Table Press
Table Press is a free and widely used WordPress news plugin that helps you to create and add tables to your WordPress posts and pages. Some of the best features of Table Press include:

• Simple Easy to use

• Create and manage attractive tables
• Embed tables into your posts, pages or text widget a shortcode
• Supports any type of data
• Import and export data from Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON files
• Easily edit your table’s data without coding

16. RSS News Display
There are several WordPress plugins like RSS news display plugins that are available for more power when operating with external feeds.

• Display your RSS title with jQuery script

• CSS-friendly
• Add any RSS feed
• Easy drag and drop option
• Four types of cycle options

17. Monarch
Monarch from Elegant Themes is a top social sharing plugin that offers the right balance between ease of use and functionality. This fast and flexible WordPress plugin provides tons of display options and supports 20+ social networks. It lets you display buttons above or below a post, static, floating, fly-in, or pop-up. You can also put social sharing icons on post images.

18. Edit Flow

As your news site grows over time, you’ll have more writers and editorial staff. Therefore, you’ll need a way to manage your content and workflow, and that’s where this WordPress plugin becomes more useful. The built-in content calendar displays six weeks of news content by default allows you to monitor where each article currently sits in the workflow.

You can apply a Custom Status to each piece of content such as pitch, assigned, in progress, needs an edit, and ready to publish. This helps you to track progress for various articles and authors. Editorial comments are also a part of the standard post editor so there’s no need to go back and forth via email. Content can be altered or the status can be updated at any time and anyone following that particular post will get notified of any such updates.

Wrapping Up

All these WordPress plugins are designed to extend the functionality of your WordPress news website and deliver a seamless experience to your readers. However, if you need WordPress plugin customization, you may hire WordPress developers who can help you with custom WordPress plugin development and other WordPress website development and support services. WordPress India is one of the leading WordPress website development companies that offer excellent WordPress plugin development and other WordPress support services as part of their complete WordPress website development services. Get in touch with our WordPress experts today!


Q.1. How much does it cost to develop a custom WordPress plugin?
Ans. The development cost of WordPress plugins may range from $500 – $1000. However, the overall cost may depend on the number of requirements, complexity, features, and experience level of developers.

Q.2. How much time does it take to build a good WordPress plugin?

Ans. Our highly skilled developers can build intuitive WordPress plugins within the shortest span of time. However, the development time will depend on the number of features and requirements you need, design complexity, and experience level of developers.

Q.3. How much does it cost to hire WordPress developers?

Ans. You may hire WordPress developers on an hourly basis, monthly or part-time basis, or fixed cost basis. For more information, you may explore our hiring models.

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