26 March

5 Major WordPress Myths That Need To Be Refuted


WordPress has definitely earned its reputation for being one of the most acclaimed content management system (CMS) today. More than 29% of websites on the net are powered up by this platform. The credit goes to the flexibility, extensibility, and the wide range of features it offers. On the flip side, there are some myths that work against it. If you are considering WordPress Development for your business website, let’s help you go ahead with confidence by refuting these myths:

1. WordPress Is Specifically Meant For Blogs:- The most common myth about WordPress is that it is meant specifically for blogging. Being a simple and easy to use platforms, it does serve as an excellent choice for running blogs. However, this is not the end of the story; it is a full-featured CMS that can be used for customizing the sites with its extensive array of WordPress Maintenance and themes. Over the years, developers have worked to expand the platform’s functionalities and transform it into a versatile and robust tool for building complex sites.

2. It Is Not A Scalable Platform:- Another myth that has grown along with the growth of this platform is that it lacks scalability. People believe that it is suitable only for small blogs and websites. However, this is far from true as even big brands such as Mercedes Benz, Sony Music, and the New Yorker Magazine run their websites on it. The platform is fully capable of handling multiple site elements and heavy website traffic without any scalability issues.

3. Security Is A Big Concern For WP users :- Being a widely used CMS, WordPress has a higher probability of being hacked. However, this is not a genuine reason for considering it as an insecure one. In fact, it serves some powerful security plugins that are effective for e-commerce sites and also for those that handle sensitive client information. Moreover, WordPress Developers keep coming up with regular updates and security patches to strengthen its security.

4. Speed Is Another Issue With This Platform:- Some people have bad reviews for the platform with respect to its speed, but this again is a baseless misconception. It makes use of semantic XHTML to ensure ultra-quick setup and use. At the same time, the sites are bound to be SEO-friendly if the best coding practices have been used to build them. Slow site speed is usually attributed to other reasons such as sub-standard hosting services and buggy plugins.

5. It Does Not Offer Support:- WordPress users are often discouraged by the myth that it does not offer reliable support. But this myth again does not have a backing as there is plenty of support coming from diverse channels. The fact that the platform itself does not bring much in the name of support documentation has created a bad impression. However, being an open-source CMS means that it has a robust community support through expert developers, designers, bloggers, and support reps across the globe. Any user who has a question can get answers by just getting connected with the community.

Conclusion:- With these myths busted, it becomes clear that the platform has all that it takes to build a feature-rich and robust website for a business of any size and type. All you need to do is to partner with an expert technology partner who can help you leverage its features to your advantage. WordPress India is a leading WordPress Development Company that extends a complete range of services for varied requirements. We enable clients to unleash the power of the platform for creating an unmatched web presence for their businesses.

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