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Comprehensive Guide to WordPress Medical Website Development for Your Business

medical website development

The healthcare industry is becoming more open to new trends. It is now not the traditional doctor visits and medications. You’ve probably heard of online schedule consulting and monitoring. However, it is not a new term! There will be more to take the industry by storm. But, if you want to know more about medical website development, let’s get started.

An overview of a medical website development

Medical websites bridge the gap between healthcare experts and patients. So, this type of website helps clinics, practitioners, and medical providers. Medical website development offers full-fledged information on the services. Furthermore, you can use advanced features from the websites. Such as searching for medications, scheduling appointments, accessing records, etc.

If you want to expand your healthcare business, website development is the key. Because it adds to your credibility and communication with patients. Plus, it exhibits services and experts to your patients.

Benefits of medical website development 


Medical website development comprises of dozen, but here’s an overall view. So, let’s check out some of its benefits.

Online presence

You have a website for your business, so it is over the Internet. So, it will attract users worldwide from different countries. And it adds to your online presence over the World Wide Web. As people will notice your website, they will automatically rely on you. Moreover, the accessibility will offer business opportunities and reliability. So, it will help you in the longer run.

Customer experience

Your medical website development has it all for patients who want appropriate information. Also, medical website development experts can access medical records, schedule appointments, etc. That too, all in one place! So, it benefits you in two ways. Firstly, it increases retention rates secondly, users trust you and your business. You can hire a medical website developer for more guidance.

Business credibility

Your business credibility increases with your medical website flow. As more, you put yourself, the more your visitors will attach. Moreover, you should showcase your newly added services. Or how you offer medications will guide your visitors. Gradually it will be built credibility and trust as a healthcare provider.

Must-have features for healthcare website development

Every business has a unique set of qualities to showcase. Maybe you are an expert in ENT, you would show services related to it. So, add features related to it. Here are some advanced features every medical website should use.

Mobile-friendly app

Don’t assume your users are always on their phones! Instead, streamline your content for every device. Because visitors enjoy surfing through responsive websites and apps. People will not recommend a website or mobile app that is slow to respond. Responsive medical websites enhance user experience and engagement. It also helps to optimize your website for SERPs and increases competition. So, try to employ testing tools or experts too on your team.

Social media integration

You will have an ordinary login for your users but also add a social sharing option. Because nowadays, people are active users of social media. And it gives you the advantage of getting users from users. You can add up Facebook, Instagram, Google links, etc. So that your users engage from different channels and accounts.

Chatbot support integration

Now for additional support, you can integrate Chatbot into your website. It may be not a human but it will not leave patients unattended. Even in these cases, chatbots in medical website development can wisely handle the situation. And, if it doesn’t answer the question, the conversation passes on to human support. You can hire a medical website developer for more guidance.

24/7 live support

Online consultations never fail when you have a vast business related to healthcare. As it will impact your user on their overall journey. Patients who get satisfied with services leave positive feedback. So, you get a chance to improve your overall app and customer journey. Let the users take the front seat and decide which way to go! So, that it becomes a win-win scenario for you!

Add search bar

When you include a search function on your website, you improve its optimization. Because it becomes more user-friendly in terms of navigation and usage. Whether you have 5 or 1000 pages, a search function will help you streamline your navigation. It also makes it easier for patients to find what they’re looking for on your website.

Remember to include an analytics option with a search function to assist you in getting to know your patients. Furthermore, it adds to the structure of your medical website development and can be customized as desired. For easier searches, try adding features like auto-suggest and auto-correct.

Online appointment schedules

Appointment scheduling is the most daunting part of any profession. But with online booking, it became so easy to use. Try to add a seamless booking feature on the website. So, that they can select service, and choose date, and time. And later you both get a notification of the appointment scheduling. So, that you may later feel to cancel or schedule another date.

Moreover, these features add that your users can access your website worldwide. You can hire a WordPress developer for more guidance.

Furthermore, you should also include online booking APIs and plugins for custom booking. Also, you can hire professionals for more assistance.

Integrate eCommerce attributes

You can integrate eCommerce functionality into your website for high ROIs. Here, you need to assume how users will feel connected with your website. And if you add eCommerce features and turn your store into a lucrative stop for patients. Because it converses with your visitors directly and feels connected. Get help from a medical website developer for professional guidance.

Patient health education

You can add health education services to your schedule booking services. Because there are many patients, medical professionals, and students who come to learn. Try to provide them with professional content to study and learn from. Or add a course by any of your professional experts for your visitors. It also adds value to your website for visitors and users.

Interactive gamified elements

Don’t let the users lose interest in your website! Try to add interactive entertainment games for waiting patients. Maybe they also recommend it to their friends. Or try to add a story for kids to take medications. As it creates the same experience as an in-person meeting. Moreover, you could add more points and rewards with it.

Medical regulations website should follow

Patients believe you, and keeping their trust is your responsibility. Plus, you should follow some regulations. Such as for practitioners, experts, patients, etc. Here are some compliances everybody should follow.


Designed especially for the USA market and for web designs. It stores all the confidential records, processes, etc. So, health-related information should follow HIPAA compliance. Moreover, it regularizes security and safety for information.


Now another compliance to follow is GDPR. It offers high protection and data safety for information. GDPR refers to the General Data Protection Regulation of the European standard. mainly GDPR protects the safety of the patients. GDPR applies to a company that process and collects data.


These regulations are quite similar to GDPR. It consists of laws for Californian users:

  • It alerts about the data shared and collected.
  • It offers insights into users’ data and deletes them after a request.
  • It offers equality of the CCPA rules.


Again, the USA followed compliance. So, this protects data on websites in the USA. Moreover, with a lot of investment, it works as a cybersecurity solution. And protects the user’s health care data on websites.


It is again mandatory for health care applications in the USA. As it protects health data safety.


PIPEDA regulations are valid for Canadian citizens. Because it stores and protects personal data. As you can see it’s similar to GDPR.

ISO 13485:2016 standard

Quite different from the previous examples. However, it ensures the quality of medical equipment. During the manufacturing and design processes, ISO 13485 certification ensures the requirements for a reliable medical device.

Design trends in medical website development

A disorganized website makes your visitors abandon it right away. Although businesses are always following their rulebook. Try to be more convenient to users while showcasing your value. But the changing patterns, trends, and designs will affect website design. So, here are the latest design trends to follow in websites.

Responsive website design

As previously stated, responsiveness will always be a major concern. User-friendly means mobile-friendly. You get points for this because your visitors could become potential customers. Examine your medical web design on various screen sizes and devices. Patients may initially access your website via tablets. But the other time, they have a smartphone for the go. As a result, the user experience should be the same, each time they visit your website.

Flat web design

Do you know what makes a website flat? A simple website, No. A flat design is when a minimalistic aesthetically-pleasing design combines. Adding too much to your medical website development causes visitors to leave! Simplicity is the key here. Stick to simple, non-flashy design elements. You can hire a medical website developer for more guidance.

Because if you add too much design, it will take time and attention to design, not your services. Moreover, reducing the design elements increases the loading speed.

Micro animation additions

Why use micro animations when there are design elements? Micro animation adds tiny animation to the UI to increase engagement. For starters, it attracts and retains visitors. Second, it provides the most accurate navigation. But don’t overdo it. Because it could interfere with your design, navigation, and other features. Additionally, make it compatible with your app’s design.

Hamburger menu option

If you trying to tuck every web page neatly and tightly, then the menu is the best. Hamburger and the three-line menu are quite a popular option for websites. As it gives your website a cleaner look, and people understand to click it for the next page. But it helps you concentrate on streamlining the UI of your website. Moreover, it is one of the basic menu options.

Vibrant match colors

Visitors expect websites to present clean and vibrant. But many medical websites ignore this factor. So, you have to decide on the colors to match your needs. Although aligning UI/UX will streamline your website flow.

Accessible website feature

Medical website development ensures accessibility to all users. Even to the ones with disabilities. Accessibility also offers a great way to navigate your website for a visually impaired person. But how to achieve it? When you design your website, dedicate a page to disabilities. So that navigating your websites should pose a challenge to them. Moreover, add accessibility credits to your website with bonus points!

Progressive web application

PWAs are ideal for low-budget businesses. It refers to a new trend for mobile app owners. It functions and feels like a full-fledged mobile app. Furthermore, it does not consume your storage or processing space or speed.

Process of medical website development

When adding and processing healthcare apps, you should do so in stages. So, here are some steps to take to provide the best solution.

Research the issue

Define the problem existing in the market. So, you will get to the root of the issue. In medical website development, research is the key. As it helps to analyze the market and streamline your goals. So, you can assist with the issues which exist. And if you reach out to any professional team, WordPress support then offer an insight into your needs. As business analysts can assist to streamline business needs to the market demands. Plus, it adds to your budget estimations for apps.

So, here are the steps to follow in this stage.

  • Target audience

When you design medical websites who can be your audience? Fashion influencers, designers, No. Your audience will be practitioners, experts, hospitals, doctors, and the healthcare sector. So, align your customers with your needs. Your core functionality should match up with customers in the targets.

  • User analysis

Here you touch on the pain points of your users. And analyze what causes it and how to treat it. Get deeper into research to understand their requirements. And if your web application will make a difference to it. Analyze user views, collect feedback or survey customers’ expectations. So, you get an overview of their wants from your web app.

  • Competitor research.

Try to analyze your market and competitor and what value it adds. Check on the latest trends to go deeper for user understanding.

  • Strategy plan

Plan your strategy well. So that it helps you streamline website flow and customer journey. Also, analyze your website design.

  • Estimate budget.

As you end up developing an app it may cost you hefty money. Because it will include design, hosting, testing, and so on. However, it may end up burning holes in your pockets.

After going through all these steps, you will have a roadmap and customer journey with research and approval.

Prioritize on MVP 

Your healthcare website features and types may vary according to your need. So, you may add schedule booking or patient and doctor portal, etc. You may reach out to professionals to use your web app for convenience. Or try to add a GPS for patients to locate hospitals or caretakers. Moreover, it will reduce the burden for every individual in the system.

And streamlines the process with fewer loopholes. So, MVP here plays a crucial role. Because it eliminates the changes in the final product. And you can scale or improve your product as per needs. That too without affecting the real product. Plus, it fits in your budget and generates ROI when tried on the final website.

Select tech stack

When you select tech-stack for your healthcare web app, it is visible through the results. It doesn’t mean you have all the knowledge of technology. You can hire a WordPress developer to guide you. But for the functionality and application flow, select a tech stack that fits in. And not where you have to fit in. So, understand the requirements before presenting the final solutions.

Try to analyze the languages, frameworks, and platforms for websites. It ensures the website achieve reliability, scalability, and performance. Moreover, choosing a tech stack just for selecting will not work. Because it takes your time and cost at once for the website.

Optimize website images

Your medical website development is incomplete without images. Because it makes the experience dull and increases the bounce rate. So, invest time to search or design images, to fit your healthcare website. Get help from professional photographers or designers to help you. Try to follow the image rule of not adding too much in just on the web page.

So, optimize these images for your medical website development:

  • Try to add alt tags to images on the website to identify crucial search engines.
  • Add appealing images to boost engagement and backlinks.
  • Try to adjust the color palette of your website.
  • Alt tags, captions, and descriptions filled with keywords.
  • Get keywords to get ranked, and your users should relate.
  • Crop your image size and follow the strategy.
  • Try to add more mobile-friendly images.
  • Get your captions to be more engaging.
  • Align your reader’s mind to your images.

Design the app

Healthcare app website design is not as same as retail sites. Because you will involve in UI and UX separately. So, to make the design process streamlined for users across the markets. Because users are medical experts, patients, professionals, practitioners, and more.

So, design is not just to impress. Instead, design what is necessary.

Moreover, involve experts to find the best design to suit your website. Healthcare solutions should reflect accessibility, familiarity, and engaging design. Once you have the UX wireframes, you can decide on the design you will use in your interfaces. However, it should match the healthcare design, market demand, audience needs, etc.

So, ensure these design practices:

  • Consistent and intuitive design for simple navigation.
  • Accessibility grabs attention.
  • Focus on interaction points for user-friendly design.
  • Enhances product accessibility and visibility.
  • Allow exploring web pages and patterns.
  • Reduce the load for bulk data.
  • Require website maximum efficiency and operations
  • Design to the relevant and current standards.
  • Create clean design elements and simple graphics.

Develop your app

As you have now decided many things for developing websites. Such as design, MVP, tech stack, images, etc. Medical website developers help you to post and align the front and back-end front. Ensure the features should follow the above-discussed compliances. You can hire a medical web design advisor for more guidance. And should focus on the safety of healthcare and patient records. Develop your app by concluding all the above-discussed pointers. Try to gather more information if you want from your team.

Test the app

Put your app through hundreds of rounds of testing. As a result, your app reduces future risks to your healthcare. These threats can include the security of a user interface, data, or anything else. It also helps to mitigate risks on time and avoid any last-minute hiccups.

You should use various testing methods. A/B testing, regression testing, white box testing, and so on. So, you are updated on all aspects of deployment security and accessibility. Moreover, testing offers security and shows your reliability to users.

Launch your app

Once you get it tested and fixed bugs, your healthcare web app is ready to go on the floors. Now deploy the app with all the WordPress support strategies you have planned. Try to add onboarding, a dashboard, and other functionalities to your app. Medical experts, professionals, and students are all your users so remember their contribution. Furthermore, the deployment should not be considered the end.

Collect the feedback 

Your app’s launch is not the goal. Instead, the process continues. You should appreciate user feedback and reviews. So, that you can successfully implement the changes. Your website will succeed if you sell to user needs. The analysis and correction will continue. Because you may update, fix bugs, get feedback, and expand functionality will welcome new visitors. Plus, it helps users to offer reliability and communication with your brand.

Trends to follow healthcare web application development

Here’s a closer look at the technologies that will add value to healthcare web apps.

AI and ML

AI and ML algorithms offer to build advanced next-gen applications. And that too in the healthcare industry. Moreover, it helps in decision-making and accuracy for better result predictions. Every patient has a different disease. So, it helps experts to diagnose and offer help according to disease. And AI and ML generate intelligent assistance for diagnosis.


Patients in remote locations find IoT to be a useful technology. It also aids in the better monitoring and diagnosis of patients. You might be aware of some smart IoT devices in use! Many patients benefit from devices that monitor their heart rate, blood sugar levels, and glucose levels. It also assists experts in recognizing data from these wearables. Furthermore, this data visualizes in the dashboard. As a result, it facilitates patient health monitoring.


AR/VR technology is revolutionizing every industry vertical. You may have noticed it in the retail or fintech sector. But it is here to improve medical care and remove risks. Moreover, medical website improvement is the best for practitioners who want to practice different practices on patients. You can hire a WordPress developer for more guidance. It also helps experts to explain the symptoms and medications elaborately. Furthermore, it promotes training, health records, monitoring performance, etc.


Blockchain is somewhat like a mature player in technology. We could only imagine it with cryptocurrency, but there is more to it. Because it now applies to healthcare as well! As patients and doctors participate in the transactions equally. Moreover, it also secures patient health records. So, you could use them as:

  • Secure sharing of data
  • Updating electronic records
  • Safely manages insurance
  • Improves billing transactions

Cost of healthcare app development

When deciding to develop, you may decide on a budget before even discussing it. But what exactly are the factors that influence the cost of your healthcare website? So, the cost is affected by the following factors:



Business size


Tech stack

Conclusion: Medical websites take time more than you think. So, before you even jump on the idea to build one, strategize the development process. Although the above-mentioned steps will help you get further with the strategic flow. For more consideration, consult WordPress India for Health care website development.


What does a medical website serve?

A medical website’s primary goal is to connect people with healthcare facilities and professionals.

How can you tell if a website contains information that is medically accepted?

Websites should identify the medical and scientific evidence that backs up the information on the site.

What exactly is the Modern Healthcare website?

Modern Healthcare is the leading source of healthcare business and policy news, research, and information in the industry.

What factors contribute to the website’s success?

In web development and optimization, having engaging content, appealing visual assets, good SEO, and smart UI/UX design is a must.

What is the most crucial aspect of a website?

One of the most important things to remember during the website development process is to create a clean, appealing design.

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