21 March

Why Should You Add Live Chat To Your WordPress Site


Your WordPress site may be impressive-looking and highly informative but this may not be enough to bring in more visitors and convert them. Customer support is one feature that can make all the difference. For those looking to power up their WordPress site with reliable customer support, adding the Live Chat feature makes a great option. A number of business surveys have shown the value of this feature as a part of the customer support process. According to a survey by Forrester, nearly 44% of the consumers reiterated the importance of live chat during the process of online shopping. There are plenty of good reasons to ask your WordPress Development Company to add this feature to your WordPress site:

Makes The Customers Happy:- Live chat enables you to establish a direct connection with the customer. The one-to-one interaction makes the customer happy and builds his trust in you. Additionally, it saves your time as the need of repeated calls and email communication is eliminated. This also translates into an increased conversion rate and higher revenues for your online business.

Availability:- Live chat representatives provide round the clock support services to the users looking for resolution of any issues. Being available 24 by 7 gives your brand a credibility and a good reputation.

Easy Setup:- WordPress, as a platform, is compatible with this feature as it does not need any third party to integrate this feature. A chat plugin has to be selected and it can be set up easily to have the feature up and running. No hardware, wiring, and activation are required for this purpose.

Cost Effective:- It is cost-effective too as the WordPress Developers simply have to install and activate a Live Chat plugin to power up your website with this feature. The end-user can use it free of cost too as he just has to reach the website to talk to a customer care representative and WordPress Customization Services.

Marketing Tool:- Another benefit of enhancing your WordPress site with this plugin is that it acts as a smart marketing tool. Not only does it help you answer customer queries and resolve their problems, it also enables you to upsell/cross-sell your products. You can add the customer information to your database for lead generation. Live chat can also be used for analytic purposes. It can help you in evaluating the issues faced by customers and plan strategies to overcome these issues in future.

WordPress offers a variety of plugins to provide this feature. You can ask the WordPress Development Services to know more about these plugins. At the same time, it is important to know that this feature has some downsides too. Having a live chat option on your website means that you are committing uninterrupted availability to your visitors. If your visitor happens to access Live Chat but a representative is unavailable, it can bring a bad reputation for you. If you do add this plugin to your WordPress site, be prepared to give seamless service round the clock.

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