6 December

Incorporate Google’s Translate Widget To Your WordPress Website For a Wider Reach


The good news for WordPress users is that Automatic, the company behind WordPress, has added a new widget to their CMS and it is powered by Google Translate. It would prove to be a great help to the bloggers and millions of other users who employ WordPress for their content management needs.

This move would allow the administrator and the visitors to translate the websites’ content to more than a hundred different languages. It would mean an easy flow of communication and a wider mass appeal owing to the large number of users who would be able to interact with the website easily.

It is easy installing this new widget on your website and you can use it just minutes after installation. Follow these simple steps to use this feature-

  • First, log on to your WordPress website as an administrator.
  • After logging in, go to the dashboard of your website and click on the “My Site” section.
  • Then you will see different options to configure your website. Click on the “Customize” menu.
  • A new range of options will pop up when you click on Customize. Choose “Widgets” from the menu and you will see an option to “Select Language” in a dropdown box. Click on that and choose your preferred language.

Because of the gigantic market that WordPress enjoys, this widget is going to be of use to a lot of people. Its ease of usage and the simplicity through which it can boost the traffic on your website will make it a must have widget on your website.

Now, coming to Google Translate, it is a ubiquitous tool and its integration with WordPress will only enhance its popularity. It provides a very time efficient translation of any word or phrase, or a whole paragraph, just under one second. It has become quite comprehensive as it covers around 137 major languages around the world.

Another thing that comes to its favor is that it is free and can be used with an additional peace of mind without worrying about the costs. Also while using the widget on mobile, the users will get an option to hear the pronunciation of the translated word, that will add to their user experience.

In all, it is a wonderful option and will bring richness to the WordPress website.
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