13 April

What Makes WordPress Good Enough As An Enterprise-Grade CMS

WordPress Good Enough As An Enterprise Grade CMS

WordPress is a popular CMS that powers millions of business websites and blog sites. Despite these impressive figures and the features that the CMS has, there are still some questions related to the relevance of this platform for enterprise-grade websites. On the other hand, being associated with some major names such as Forbes and CNN brings good reputation for WordPress.

Whether or not you would want to choose WordPress Development for your enterprise website is a matter of debate, but we can help you justify this decision by highlighting some of the features that make the platform a great option. Let us list all that this CMS has to make it just the right choice for building your enterprise site.

Ease of Use:- Let us start with ease of use as this is the biggest reason behind the unmatched popularity of the platform. While it is capable of handling enterprise-grade functionality requirements, WordPress scores full marks for appealing to non-technical users and marketers. It allows them to use and update the site from its backend even after its launch, without the need for technical assistance for the same.

Availability of Plugins:- WordPress offers more than 50,000 plugins in its Plugin Directory. Enterprises can use the relevant ones to add a host of features and capabilities to their websites. From ensuring good SEO to strengthening the site’s security, facilitating social media sharing, and more, there is hardly any functionality that does not have a corresponding plugin available. Conversely, enterprises can also seek assistance from a WordPress Plugin Development Company to have a custom plugin tailored to match their needs.

Integration Capabilities:- Like other traditional enterprise-grade CMS platforms, WordPress also has the capability to integrate seamlessly with other business-critical platforms such as an ERP or CRM system. Integration with such systems is essential for streamlining the enterprise operations and drive efficiency in their processes. Unless a website is able to connect and align with such systems, it will not serve value to the enterprises. Therefore, WordPress comes ahead as an apt choice because of its reliable third-party application integration capabilities.

Headless Capabilities:- Another reason that WordPress works well as an enterprise-grade CMS is its headless capabilities. While it is not a headless CMS out-of-the-box, the REST API enables it as one of the WordPress features that enterprises can leverage. This capability is critical for businesses that want to align with the IoT era as the channels extend with the advent of smart wearables, voice assistants, and more. Therefore, they need to ensure that the content is populated anywhere with API capabilities. Furthermore, it is also possible to use WordPress as a headed CMS depending on the application that needs custom views for different content types.

Is WordPress Really Fit For the Enterprise Applications?

Although some enterprises raise concerns related to scalability and security while choosing WordPress, the platform is still widely accepted as an enterprise-grade CMS. If you are considering it for your business website, the best approach would be to Hire WordPress Developer with the right skills and experience. Someone who is seasoned can help you to use the CMS to your advantage while resolving the challenges related to scalability and security.

Whether it is a small WordPress site or a large one, updates, security issues, plugin glitches, and theme-related problems do come up time and again. By partnering with a professional agency, you get the peace of mind that the entire issues will be addressed before something worse happens. Professional support is all the more crucial for enterprise-grade sites because even minor glitches and minimal downtime can cause massive problems for the business. So if you want to use WordPress for your enterprise website, ensure that you have yourself covered with a dependable development and support partner.

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