25 December

7 Easy Tips To Make Your WordPress E-commerce Store Holiday-Ready

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Christmas is the time when everyone lets their hair down, with partying and shopping being the only things in mind. Much more, it may be fun for the shoppers but also the time when sellers need to gear up to handle the booming demand. For online stores, the challenge is even bigger as they need to pull up their socks and get the site holiday-ready. So if you have a WordPress store where you sell goods or services, here are some tips to help you get ready for the Christmas and New Year season.

1. Start By Giving Your Website a Festive Makeover:- This is the time when you see festive decor everywhere and your site should follow suit. Hire WordPress professionals to make the desired changes by enhancing the design with the right decorative elements and themes. Also, there is a range of WordPress Plugins Development that you can get integrated into your site for creating the right effects. Christmas Music, Merry Christmas Everyone, Xmas Lights, MMX, Christmas Snow, and Countdown Clock are some of the plugins that you can trust.

2. Optimize The Hosting Environment:- One of the major concerns for WordPress Customization websites during the holiday season is a high influx of traffic. The store’s host has a critical impact on its performance. Therefore, you need to optimize the hosting environment to handle the traffic and ensure seamless experiences despite high traffic. Consider facts such as whether you are using a dedicated or shared server, check the reliability of the hosting service during traffic surges, and ensure that a CDN is available.

3. Review The Extensions and Integrations:- Another tip for making your WordPress site ready to take the holiday traffic and serve the best shopping experiences is to run through the existing theme and extensions integrated into it. The objective should be to ensure that these are running in their updated versions and are serving a purpose. Too many redundant extensions on the store can cause performance glitches and related issues. Get WordPress upgrade for the version, theme, and extensions right before the holidays begin so that the store delivers the best look and feel.

4. Ensure That The Website is Responsive:- A majority of holiday shoppers browse and shop with mobile devices rather than desktops and laptops. So there is a need to ensure that your WordPress site provides seamless shopping irrespective of the device that you use to access it. A responsive WordPress Theme gets the job done as it makes the site perform from a diverse range of devices, Whatever be the browser, screen size, design, or content. Test the current theme and upgrade it if you have not done so for some time recently.

5. Pay Extra Attention To The Site’s Security:- While holidays are the time when people shop more, it also puts their online security at threat because hackers are out on a prowl. This means that they will be more worried about the security of their personal and financial details that they share on the site while closing a conversion. With such risks on an increase during these days, you need to make sure that the SSL certificate is installed and updated. PCI-DSS compliance is another matter that gets extra attention during this season.

6. Have Some Offers To Entice The Shoppers:- Besides making improvements in the look, feel, and performance of your website, have something enticing for the shoppers as well. This means that you have to give them a deal, discount, or offer to capture the festive spirit and encourage them to shop from your website. Showcase coupons for the new users and loyalty discounts for the existing ones. Have referral bonus for those who bring in new customers for the website. Giving them value deals is the best way to keep the customer with you and capitalize on the holiday spirit despite the competition.

7. Leverage The Power of Social Media:- Just giving them deals will not be enough as you also need to ensure that these are visible to the customers. The best way to do this is by sharing them on social media. Leverage various platforms to promote the festive offers on your business pages and engage the customers to come to your site and shop. Have games and contests to connect more closely with the customers and drive shares from them.

Conclusion:- If you really want to make the most from the holiday boom, have a strategy in place. See what the competitors are doing and start with a plan of action. While chalking out the marketing plan is one aspect, having your site ready from the design and development perspective is the other. Hire WordPress Developers to handle them and get the site ready with the right theme and elements. Connect with us at WordPress India and we will help you deck up for the festivities!

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