12 April

Trends That Are Influencing WordPress E-Commerce Development In 2017


The choice of platform is of key significance for merchants who want to step into the e-commerce space. A platform has to possess features such as user friendliness, scalability, customization, and responsiveness to build a high-performance online store. One such platform that has emerged as a winner for e-commerce web development is WordPress, which has an amazing array of rich features and functionalities. A lot has been about the relevance and usability of this platform. At the same time, it is better to keep abreast of the current trends to add value to a WordPress-based store. Here are the trends that are shaping the design and development of WordPress e-commerce sites in 2017.

Creative Designs:- Since the competition in the internet space is fierce, there is a need to be outstanding. This year, developers are focusing on creating unique WordPress sites rather than following the conventions. Creativity is the key while customizing the WordPress themes to create a good looking website. Single page designs, parallax scrolling, embedded videos, and eye-catching typography are some design trends that 2017 has seen.

Mobile Compatibility:- With mobile becoming an inseparable element of e-commerce, it is impossible for a business to ignore the need of mobile compatibility. Therefore, creating mobile-first platforms has emerged as a booming trend in WordPress Development in 2017. Developers are now relying on responsive themes and making regular assessments of the mobile performance of the site.

Conversational Commerce:- This is the era of personalization, with commerce becoming more targeted and conversational. Powerful WordPress Plugins are being used to provide a personalized user experience for higher engagement. There are plugins to track the visitor’s activity and behavior on the website. The information so gathered can be used to deliver personalized experience via emails and push notifications.

Customer Experience:- Offering an excellent customer experience has always been an effective way to achieve success for online websites. WordPress eCommerce Development trends in 2017 take this though a step further by ensuring that customer experience is given due attention. Integration of features such as live chat, multiple payment options, and an in-depth FAQ page is trending in WordPress sites this year.

Social Engagement:- Social engagement has emerged as a vital element of e-commerce marketing strategy. This year, WordPress developers are making sure that power of social media is being harnessed well enough. The focus is on enabling social integration by equipping the site with the relevant buttons, popups, links, and social feeds. Content sharing is being facilitated by using appropriate WordPress plugins.

Customer Trust:- Since customer reviews and ratings are gaining importance in e-commerce selling, the trend is being followed by WordPress Developers too. Elements such as customer testimonials, product reviews, online ratings, and feedback’s are being incorporated into WordPress sites in 2017. These elements generate transparency and customer trust, which can boost your business to a great extent.

You can use these ideas to enhance the looks as well as the functionality of your WordPress site. Implementing these trends would be a good way to stay ahead of your competitors and take your e-commerce business to the next level.

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