8 May

5 Steps To Successfully Launch A WordPress-based E-Commerce Store


The role of an e-commerce store is extremely crucial when it comes to achieving success in this business domain. The store should be empowered with the best look and feel to make it capable of delivering exceptional user experiences. Here, the choice of development platform can make all the difference. There are plenty of options such as Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, Drupal, Zen Cart, etc to choose from. However, WordPress serves as the best option if you are looking for an easy to use yet feature-rich platform to initiate your e-commerce venture.

There Are a Few Basics That You Should Know To Ensure a Successful Launch of Your WordPress E-commerce Store.

1. List Down The Features That You Need:- Start by making a list of features that you want in your e-store, keeping in mind the budget you have in the initial stages. Check out the competitor websites to get a fair idea. Discuss the features with your WordPress Development Company so that they have a clear idea about your requirements. Start with limited features (if you are on a limited budget) and you can add on to them as you grow.

2. Choose a Relevant Theme:- The next step is to use a relevant WordPress Theme so that it gets your e-commerce store the desired look. The theme can be ready-made or custom-built based on your needs. Look for one that is aesthetically appealing and compatible with the extensions and plugins you plan to use. Ensure that it is responsive so that your online store runs seamlessly irrespective of the screen resolutions and devices being used to access it.

3. Pick The Right Plugin:- Just as you Hire WordPress Developer, the first thing he will decide for your store is the apt plugin to suit your specific needs. The platform offers a variety of plugins, with WooCommerce being the most popular one for e-commerce stores. However, you may look for other options depending on your business and products. For instance, Easy Digital Downloads will be a better choice if you sell digital products as it eliminates redundant features such as shipping features.

4. Integrate Into The Existing Website:- This step is applicable for those already having a WordPress website but now want to start a WordPress-powered storefront. Such businesses have an advantage that they need not create a new store from the scratch but can rather integrate the storefront into the existing website and leverage the existing community to speed up the growth of the business.

5. Proceed With The Launch:- Finally, as you have the store up and ready, you can proceed with its launch. Work on growing it by promoting to your network via online and offline campaigns targeted at both, existing as well as new, customers. Connect with customers and build a relationship with to encourage them to shop and bring in more customers. An affiliate campaign is another smart idea to pep up your promotional campaign.

Conclusion:- Setting up and launching an e-commerce store with WordPress is easy provided if you have the right development partner at your side. WordPress India is a leading service provider that specializes in WordPress Customization Services. We comprehend diverse business requirements and bring custom-built online stores to match. Our team delivers end-to-end assistance, right from ideating a storefront to launching it for the business.

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