17 June

Top 9 WordPress Development Trends that You Can’t Ignore in 2020

Wordpress Trends 2020

WordPress dominates the world of web development powering over 30 percent of renowned websites. Its user-friendly interface is so helpful for the site administrators and business enterprises that doing any basic updates, like adding blog posts, images, and videos are very simple. WordPress has a huge library of plugins and themes, making it 100 percent customizable to user needs while also providing a mobile-friendly layout with SEO features. WordPress keeps on changing and in the next few months, several more changes are expected. WordPress customization is in high demand among the business enterprises and with popular trends, this will grow even more.

List of Top WordPress Trends for the Year 2020

When it comes to designing a WordPress website, we very well know that you want to implement the latest features & functionalities. Naturally, we want to integrate the latest trends so we can continue to deliver high-quality WordPress Development Services to our clients. Here’s what we can expect from in 2020:

1. Virtual and Augmented Reality
Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies have provided a lot of benefits to buyers & sellers. These trending technologies offer buyers a new approach of exploring the products similar to a brick-and-mortar store. AR and VR build a computer image of the product in the real world form for the user’s satisfaction. A study has proved that 65% of the shoppers visit websites offering AR and VR facilities. These technologies help to improve the sales as it shows the product in the real form to the customers.

WordPress has completely authorized AR and VR content with 360-degree images and videos. Hence, WordPress site owners can implement these technologies into their website to improve the buyer’s experience, thereby, improving the overall user experience. AR and VR will be one of the hottest-trends of 2020 and beyond for the brands selling furniture, clothes, footwear, jewelry, toys, and food.

2. Mobile Responsive
Today, every third person is having a smartphone to bring everything at their fingertips. It has been observed, people prefer exploring websites from mobile devices, as it is convenient to use. Websites particularly E-commerce brands have seen a huge growth in sales through mobile devices. By 2020 end, 70% of the people will explore websites from mobile devices. These stats are very crucial & can’t be ignored.

The store owners that Hire WordPress developers to make their websites compatible with the mobile buyers, will definitely run a successful business. People are using mobile phones to do daily tasks like browsing or researching products. As online shopping is growing, consumers feel more comfortable using mobile devices to shop online at any time and from anywhere.

3. Vector Designs with a Personal Touch
Many website designers are implementing a vector approach for their websites. This is a perfect solution for several reasons. The biggest reason behind its success is its innovative and inspiring look than regular stock photos. Another advantage is that vector-heavy websites help to display the designer’s efforts and uniqueness. Implementing a stock photo in a layout can be done easily, or simply clicking a photo. But not everyone can implement an acute and engaging vector illustration for a website. In addition, you don’t have to hire a vector designer for your WordPress website, vector illustrations can be availed from different marketplaces. For all these reasons and good feedback to vector illustrations, it is a great trend in 2020 to watch out for.

Since many people are using stock images and general designs, it is very important to stand out from the crowd. By infusing websites with more personality, uniqueness, and charm, you can show off your branding, become more memorable, and stay ahead in the curve.

4. Voice and Chatbots
With the influx of smart devices, more and more consumers are employing voice commands to find things on the internet. Website owners should consider this seriously and make their website ready for voice search. Another important aspect of that is implementing a voice-user interface on websites. With the rising demand for voice-controlled smart devices such as Echoes and Google Assistant, integrating voice commands into websites and applications can take businesses and individual site owners a few notches higher. WordPress users can use a plugin like Voice Assistant Dialog Navigation to do so. Additionally, WP Fastest Site Search empowers your site voice search capabilities and also comes with other enhancements Furthermore, visitors not only use voice commands to access your website but also expect websites to talk with them in real-time. And, that’s when chatbots and live chat tools came into existence. Chatbot integration will continue to rise in the year 2020 and beyond.

5. Artificial Intelligence
AI and machine learning technologies are revolutionizing every industry in today’s digital era. The penetration of these technologies into website design and development has significantly contributed to a website’s success. By infusing your website with AI and machine learning, you can deliver website experience tailored to your users’ preferences, recommend products and content of your users’ interest, and provide everything that matters to your users. Artificial Intelligence is capable of understanding human context and so you can leverage the technology to deliver personalized website experience to your users. WordPress repository now has a plethora of AI-powered plugins such as WordLift, Breinify, Aimojo, My Curator for Content Curation, and much more to power-boost your website with AI-driven functionalities and features.

6. The Use of Multi-purpose WordPress Themes
WordPress already provides its users with the facility of multi-purpose themes that enable them to build any type of website that spans across various styles. The themes permit WordPress customizations are sleek and loaded with a diverse range of plugins.

The main reason why this multipurpose theme is being widely used is that it covers an immense number of websites. With several enterprises investing in WordPress development services for building their websites, there is a higher possibility of this feature to rise in 2020.

7. WordPress Website Builder
Website builder help site owners to create a professional standard website easily without any hassle. What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) is an interface that facilitates WordPress customization instantaneously. Some of the famous WYSIWYG builders of WordPress are. Elementor and Beaver Builder. WordPress also launched Gutenberg had launched in 2018 which came with drag and drop interface to customize several areas of post or page with ease. If you’re finding it difficult to customize your website, you can always hire WordPress developers who can help you with WordPress customization and other WordPress development services.

8. Highly-engaging Video Content
Video content on a website has the power to attract and engage more consumers. Posting videos on the websites, in any context, has become a popular trend. Designers integrate video in the form of a header, background, and showcases. Seeing so much popularity, designers are taking out more space for the videos to display them. Various social media channels have significantly popularized the use of video content in web design because they are highly-engaging and improve the overall experience of your website. If a user finds your video content interesting and useful, the users can share videos over social media channels with a single click and help you in establishing brand awareness.

9. WordPress E-commerce Development
With time, e-commerce has emerged as an inseparable part of WordPress. With the advent of the WooCommerce plugin in the WordPress repository, online merchants and retailers can sell their products or services easily with great effect. With WooCommerce development, they can easily customize their WordPress site into a fully-functional e-commerce store. WooCommerce integration offers plenty of benefits for WordPress online sellers including SEO features, seamless payment integrations, inventory management, and other marketing features to help them efficiently run their online store.

It has been estimated that over 70 million E-commerce stores are Woocommerce based, including:

• Weber Grills
• Singer Sewing Machines
• Airstream
• Clickbank
• Luminaire Home & Decor
• Blue Star Coffee

With so many trends that are helping developers & designers to build engaging WordPress websites, some will stay for longer and some will be eliminated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is WordPress used for?
It is one of the most used website development tools around the world and also a powerful CMS. Today, many of us are using WordPress to build blogging, informative, E-commerce, and real estate website. WordPress is a CMS that lets you build pages or posts without having to know all that complex HTML code.

Q. How does WordPress work?
WordPress requires two components to work on a web server that is PHP and MySQL. PHP is a language that WordPress is written in making it dynamic. PHP is a server-side based language, which runs on your web server before a page request is completed.

Q. What are the benefits of using WordPress?
Benefits of using WordPress to build your Company’s Website
• Ease of Use
• Simple management of Website from any device
• No HTML editing required
• Search Engines Friendly
• Complete control of your site
• 100% customizable design
• Plugins to extend the functionality of your website

Q. Is WordPress good for a professional website?
WordPress is the best Website CMS used by 30% of the top one million websites. It is based on the plugin architecture and templating engine.

Using WordPress CMS you can build a secure, engaging, and high-quality website easily. But to start the development process, it is important to know the audience’s needs. And following the WordPress discussed above, you can improve the business ROI and sales. Just take expert guidance, from a reputed WordPress E-commerce development like WordPress India and build an appealing user-friendly website. Share your website requirements and get an alluring website for your consumers. Always remember, the end-users are the real critics for any product or service.

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