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Everything about WordPress Backups for Website Optimized Performance

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What strategy do you follow to keep your WordPress website safe and optimized at all times? Let’s say you update plugins/themes on regular intervals, install only trusted security patches. That’s almost perfect, but the question is, is it sufficient? Let’s explore WordPress Backups for Website Optimized Performance.

You might have used security practices to protect your website, but your website data could still be exposed. The risk of hackers stealing business data bringing down your website will always be higher. This is where the necessity of a proper backup comes. A good backup approach creates a copy of the latest data and stores it safely so that it is available instantly in the case of an unexpected event. 

Through this blog post, we will discuss why you need backups from WordPress technical support services, and the features that every backup tool must possess. 

Why WordPress Website Backup is required? 

As a business, you cannot lose website data even for a few moments. A major data loss can occur due to different reasons, including:

1.Human Mistakes 

Even a small human error can lead to site crash, causing you to lose important data. Timely backups of the website can aid your business recover instantly from data loss and get business operations back on track.


2.Website Hack

In last few years, cybercriminals have successfully performed data breaches resulting in the loss of important business data. Major data includes customer records, payment transactions, and other database details. When a successful hack happens, your priority is to recover critical data and restore website without losing time. While there are several services present to remove malware, a strong backup strategy is a savior. 

3.Natural Disasters

Depending on the demographics of your business infrastructure, natural disasters like floods or cyclones can damage your servers resulting in loss of data. In this case, WordPress maintenance services ensure a backup is present on storage systems located in different part of the world. They can be used to restore your site in case of troubles.

4.Server Crash

Data loss can also occur because of possible website crashes or server failure. Backup systems help to backup data by storing on independent or cloud-based systems, which are completely safe from any server failure or crash.

5.Unsuccessful Updates

WordPress Updates are released on regular basis to enhance security and avail new functionalities. This basically includes updating the main WordPress version or each of the installed plugins. But in some scenarios, the update strategy can end up breaking or crashing the business site. 

Top Benefits of WordPress Website Backup 

  • Files can be accessed from any location. This just needs a device and internet connection. 
  • No need to concern about data loss. Even if a natural calamity occurs, all files are secure at cloud. 
  • Website backup is like website protection. When hacker attacks, or website get infected by malevolent content, you will not lose your site. 
  • Great reliability is offered to the client. You can recover any files at any moment. 
  • The backup will be done by default if carry out the whole process smoothly and schedule it. 
  • A lot of money is saved on equipment. In addition, if the website is hacked and there is no backup, it is challenging to restore it fully, and you will lose money. 
  • Website backups also secure your business reputation. 
  • Possible to configure a selective backup. You can make copies of those files, folders, and drives you to want. 
  • Cloud storage is used with the local storage. This solution provides advance level of security. 

Where are WordPress Backups Stored? 

WordPress backups can be stored in different locations, depending on the approach you have used to backups your website. In fact, after knowing the importance of having a WordPress backup, the next thing to include is where your backup files are stored physically. The question of backup storage is often ignored but is the most significant factors to consider when deciding on the overall WordPress backup process. 

Common places WordPress backup files are stored: 

  • Web host storage 
  • Local backup storage 
  • Cloud backup storage 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why WordPress backup is important?

Taking a daily backup of your entire website data can put a lot of load on your web server by utilizing its resources and bandwidth. As backups are a very server-intensive process, regular backups can impact your server performance and the space available for storing backups.

2.Why is backing up your website important?

A backup is the main guarantee that your site can be completely restored after any problems and crashes. A site backup helps if you inadvertently delete some important elements, a theme or plugin/module harms your site, or if the website is hacked.

3.How often should I backup my WordPress site?

We believe that ideally, WordPress sites must be backed up at least once a day. This is a logical idea when you consider that all backups are meant for recovering your website. This means you want to minimize data loss, when you restore your WordPress site. Daily backups, however, is not a ‘golden frequency’. 


Taking regular backups is crucial to maintain WordPress website security. Selecting the appropriate backup plugin can satisfy all your backup-related needs. You can Hire WordPress Developer to make optimum use of backup plugin. Through this blog, we have highlighted important benefits that WordPress backup tool offer. Features including multiple backups and scheduled backups are essential to ensure no website data is tampered. While features including incremental backups and offsite storage are crucial to make sure that website performance is not adversely impacted in any scenario. 

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