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What To Expect From WordPress 6.0: Expected Features & Improvements


The title itself says it all. Here, you will get to know something about the latest version of WordPress 6.0 related to the slated release and expected features. It is not new. Now and then new release of WordPress CMS is available for users to upgrade or start a new platform. It’s the WordPress support for users to keep on upgrading the functionalities and user experience.

WordPress 5.9 Josephine is making its presence felt since January 25, 2022. It is the last release of the CMS introduced with a new full site editing feature, block-based default theme, and more. Not much time has passed and WordPress has made another major announcement of the 6.0 release this year.

WordPress 6.0 will be available with several enhancements, upgraded full site editing, global stylish features, and blocks. Still, nothing has been finalized yet.

Despite that, get to know the slated release of WordPress 6.0, beta versions, an expected feature of the platform.

Scheduled Release of WordPress 6.0

As per the latest update, WordPress 6.0 is the most slate to release on May 24, 2022. WordPress has already launched the first beta version on April 12, 2022. During this period, developers are testing the operational efficiency, speed, and features of the platform. Moreover, developers are rectifying the bugs, if have any.

Not just this, WordPress 6.0 will have several beta versions with release dates already decided based on the following timeline.

* Beta 1 (April 12, 2022)

* Beta 2 (April 19, 2022)

* Beta 3 (April 26, 2022)

* Release Candidate 1 ( May 03, 2022)

* Release Candidate 2 (May 10, 2022)

* Release Candidate 3 (May 17, 2022)

* Dry Run (May 23, 2022)

* WordPress 6.0 Release (May 24, 2022)

Expected Features of WordPress 6.0

Those involved in embracing new changes in their existing WordPress website, starting a new one, or looking forward to avail of WordPress maintenance services must read this. The latest 6.0 version is finalized to be live on May 24, 2022. However, the features list is not finalized yet.

Still, if we look at the full site editing with Gutenberg editor and pattern library of WordPress 5.9, the latest release will have upward features. Based on this consideration, we have enlisted a few of the expected features of WordPress 6.0 that you must know well in advance.

1. Site Editor

The site editor already made its way in the previous WordPress 5.9 version. It allows you to enhance the page and post customization. WordPress 6.0 will improve the editor by making some refinements to the earlier features and introducing some new ones as follows:

* Global Style Switcher

This feature will allow the users to switch to global style alternatives in a hassle-free manner. There will be no need to modify the current style and still change the global style with ease.

* Additional Template Options

WordPress 6.0 version might offer more template options including that of author, taxonomy, and category.

* Decoupling Themes from Templates

You might feel a seamless experience of switching themes in the upcoming WordPress 6.0 version with ease and making no further changes in the customized templates.

* Selecting Text Across Several Blocks

The upcoming WordPress 6.0 is expected to come packed with preferred text selection features from the blocks. The new writing improvement allows you to select the text from multiple paragraphs without selecting the entire block.

2. Blocks

WordPress blocks will see the enhanced outcome in the upcoming release. There will be a new set of blocks expected in the WordPress 6.0 version.

1. New Blocks: WordPress 6.0 might add several new blocks like post author biography, post comments, comment form, read more blocks, and more.

2. Block Style Preview: It will be a block that overs the block style options in the design tool and showcase a live preview in the content part.

3. Block Locking UI: WordPress 6.0 might see an enhanced block locking UI feature.

4. Transformation Options: The new version might have six new block transformation options like code, group to row, paragraph, tag cloud to categories.

5. Featured Image Expansion: In the latest version of WordPress, featured images might not be confined to posted featured blocks. The upcoming version might have the feature of adding images into media and text blocks.

6. Nested Quote Block: It might be possible to nest blocks, add paragraphs, lists, or code snippets.

3. Patterns

Block patterns will be at the center stage in WordPress 6.0 and that too for the creation process. WordPress has already introduced a pattern directory and pattern creator on the official website. The latest version is planning to change the quick block inserter feature. Another proposal for the upcoming version is to use patterns for layout transformation. It might be used to transform the content layout without losing the existing information.

4. Design Tools

WordPress 6.0 is expected to come up with improved design features, introduce more customizations options, and expand API support. It aims to enhance the overall user experience to the next level. Here is the list of expected design changes in the latest version.

* Layout transformation for blocks: WordPress 6.0 might have new options in the blocks toolbar section and the design tool panel. The changes might be there to transform multiple blocks. It allows the users to select different blocks and use the features to transform blocks into container blocks.

* Custom post date format: The design tool for the post data block will provide a way to use a custom date format.

* Typography support: Get the typography options for a row, group, and stack blocks.

* Web fonts API: This feature was not there in WordPress 5.9, but reintroduce in WordPress 6.0. It allows web developers and users to add web fonts options to the global styles interface.


WordPress 6.0 will be released on May 24, 2022, and is expected to launch with new features, major enhancements, and result-oriented upgrades. Get to know the expected features of the new version in terms of blocks, patterns, designer tools, and more. Once released, rely on WordPress developers to get started with website development for business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is new in WordPress 5.9 version?

This version of WordPress has new features including blocks, web designs, an interface for the theme, navigation menus, refining editing flows for blog themes, a new default theme, and more.

2. What is a block pattern in WordPress?

Block patterns are ready-to-use layouts that are made up of WordPress blocks. These blocks can be used to create a specific section on the webpage and add relevant content or media to the same.

3. Is Gutenberg a plugin?

Gutenberg was first developed as a plugin but over some time, it has turned into functionality to edit content within WordPress.

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