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How New Release of WordPress 5.8 Bring Editing & Style Improvements?

WordPress 5.8

We might be a little late on this. But still, the latest information WordPress 5.8 is highly useful for your enterprise.

No matter, if you have started with WordPress web development or thinking to go ahead with the same. The information right here is related to the latest version of WordPress 5.8, its incredible features, and improvements.

In short, in the next 7-min of quick reading, you will get to know the core WordPress Support from its 5.8. version. And, speed up your development task with maximum efficiency.

So, let’s get started.

Table of Contents

A. What’s New in WordPress 5.8?

B. What are the New Features of WordPress 5.8 Version?

B.1. Block-Based Widgets

B.2. New Query Loop Block-based

B.3. New Login + Theme Block

B.4. New Patterns Directory

B.5. Expanded List View of Blocks

B.6. Duotone Image Editing

B.7. Granular Color Options for Table Blocks

B.8. Granular Style Options for Column Blocks

B.9. Embed PDFs with File Block

B.10. Suggested Patterns for Blocks

B.11. Top Toolbar Mode Improvements

B.12. Parent Block Selector 

What’s New in WordPress 5.8?

WordPress 5.8 is the latest version that made its presence felt on July 20, 2021. It comes packed with an extensive range of new features and several improvements.

The most commendable feature of WordPress 5.8 is the Full Site Editing (FSE) functionality using the upgrade Block Editor. With this new improvement, you hire WordPress developers that take less time in developing the platform more efficiently.

The new version of WordPress 5.8 comes packed with 96 enhancements, 8 Gutenberg releases, FSE, and 170 bug fixes.

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What is Full Site Editing (FSE) in WordPress 5.8?

Full Site Editing offers an extensive tool of features and tools allowing WordPress developers to create a full site using blocks. Thus, it is available with several blocks to create any element on the site that may comprise sidebar widgets, site branding, templates, and more.

The ultimate goal of WordPress 5.8 version full site editing is to create a full project utilizing the power of different building blocks. Moreover, all the blocks in the version are enabled by default and help in editing the overall structure of the website.

What are the New Features of the WordPress 5.8 Version?

Now, we come to the point of showcasing your Block Editor features of WordPress 5.8 that help to enhance & speed up development.

1.Block-Based Widgets

One of the ideal improvements with WordPress 5.8 is introducing a Block-based widgets editor. Also, called Block Widgets Editor that turns on by default. Developers can use it wide across the site and preview changes in the site Customizer. It brings a block-based interface for seamlessly editing widgets and anything can be done on the editor itself.

It is important to take care of a few things before using Block Widgets Editor

* Use any WordPress block available in the library.

* See the preview changes lively.

* Access the block editor to change the font, colours, typography, and spacing of widgets.

* With the help of Legacy Widget, you can use any of the plugins, even if the same is no longer in use.

2.New Query Loop Block-Based

Another advanced level block introduced by WordPress 5.8 is the Query Loop Block. It allows showing the blog post types based on the query parameters or visual configurations.

* A Powerful and the Latest Post Block: You can swiftly ask and define a particular blog post to do things like creating a portfolio or full-page showcase.

* Pattern Suggestions to Showcase Better Listing: You can select any pattern from the block to showcase the blog posts.

* Additional Features: Query-based loop block features an extra set of functionalities like offset, max to show, post type, items per page, categories, tags, etc.

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3.New Login + Theme Block

WordPress 5.8 introduces an advanced way out to develop a complete website using a block-based process. In its arsenal, it contains several widget editing and customization blocks under the umbrella of the Theme category.

Here’s the list of new blocks in Theme.

* Login/out Block

* Site Logo Block

* Post Title Block

* Site Tagline Block

* Site Title Block

* Post Content Block

* Post Data Block

* Post Categories Block

* Post Featured Image Block

* Post Tags Block

* Page List Block

4.New Patterns Directory

Just like WordPress 5.5 introduced the WordPress Block Directory, similarly, WordPress 5.8 has introduced New Patterns Directory. It is a grouping of WordPress blocks that allows users to create any number of complex layouts by simply clicking on a few buttons.

Block patterns allow the users to create a customized choice of design layout for building blocks and achieve the best results as per customization.

* Use new patterns immediately from the list accordingly.

* Simply copy and paste the pattern into your block editor.

5.Expanded List View of Blocks

The latest version of WordPress offers an expanded list view of blocks for better navigation. Whether creating a simple landing page or a complex one, the list view feature of the platform allows a simple overview, even of the complex content to suit the workflow. It further helps to view the blocks and find an easy way to edit the same. Users will be able to easily navigate through complicated hierarchies and jump around the blocks in a hassle-free manner.

6.Duotone Image Editing

Duotone image editing is an incredible feature to bring visual appeal to several blocks you create. It helps to add a pop of colour to the designs and styles of images and videos to integrate well with the WordPress theme.

You can use the duotone effect to bring a black and white filter to the building blocks and appear them attractive on the website.

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Additional Features:

  1. Granular Color Options for Table Blocks: Add more colours, background appeal, and text to the table blocks.
  2. Granular Style Options for Column Blocks: Create more granular by adding text colour, background shade, and padding for individual columns within the column block.
  3. Embed PDFs with File Block: With this new feature, when you upload a PDF, then the block will automatically detect it and embed a PDF on your post page.
  4. Suggested Patterns for Blocks: As the name implies, you will get suggestions for the blocks to be used and can give it a try in Query Block or the Social Block.
  5. Top Toolbar Mode Improvements: It is a small update that allows you to work in the top toolbar mode. It helps in clarifying the individual block actions and options.
  6. Parent Block Selector: If you switch off the top toolbar mode and returns to the default mode, then you will see an off-set parent block icon. This feature helps to easily switch between the two modes.

Final Thoughts

Now, that you become an area of what’s new with WordPress 5.8, it’s time to embrace the same. Rely on the professional support offered by a WordPress website developer hired from WordPressIndia. It’s a leading WordPress development company offering end-to-end services to enterprises of all types.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is It Necessary to Upgrade to WordPress 5.8?

It is important to switch to WordPress 5.8 or start with the same to experience the seamless benefits of full site editing using different building blocks. You find the upgraded and result-oriented features with this particular version.

2.How Do Upgrade to WordPress 5.8 Version?

For this, you will be needing optimum support from a professional WordPress developer that helps to upgrade the same. For this, you can rely on us to hire developers on a flexible basis.

3.How Much Time Does it Take to Develop a Website Based on WordPress 5.8?

There is no average time frame decided to develop a WordPress website based on the latest 5.8 version. It depends on the functionals, plugins, design, structure, and other such requirements to decide a timeline.

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