18 February

WordPress 5.7 Beta 2 Testing is All Set to Make a Debut

WordPress 5.7 Beta 2 Testing is All Set to Make a Debut

A high-quality beta testing stage has of utmost value. It forms the backbone of the successful launch of plugin development. Developers need not ignore the importance of the latest versions of Beta Testing to bring improved and innovative features to the website. If you are expecting the all-new version of WordPress Beta Testing, then here is good news for you. WordPress 5.7 Beta 2 Testing is slated to release on 9th March 2021. 

It means to say that, WordPress developers can switch from WordPress 5.7 Beta 1 to the newest versions having improved testing features. Once launched, then you will be ready to download the WordPress Beta testing plugin or can download the full version directly. 

Previous Versions of WordPress Beta Testing 

The previous WordPress 5.6 better known as “Simone”, was a major head-turner back then in 2020. It featured the new default theme along with the following few features:

  • More Block Patterns
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Advanced Video Captioning
  • PHP 8 Support
  • Jquery
  • Rest API Authentication

And many more.

Now, WordPress 5.7 Beta 2 is all set to surpass WordPress 5.6 with having new and improved features. 

Features to Expect in WordPress 5.7 Beta 2

The WordPress 5.7 Beta 2 contributors have high hopes from the newest version of beta testing. The primary goal is Full Site Editing via Gutenberg along with the following few expected features:

  1. Major update in WordPress Core that might include the current release of the Gutenberg plugin.
  2. Gutenberg might be having features like additional blocks, refined UI, tools, themes, and design.
  3. Will continue to work on auto-updated and Jquery.

Major Highlights:

  • Removal of italicized text for greater accessibility and readability
  • Feature to pause any playing media when selecting the media model
  • You can add Content-Security-Policy script loaders
  • Numerous fixes from the Twenty Twenty-one theme
  • Gutenberg editor assistance for the custom spacing benefit
  • Solving the Menu UI issues on medium-large screen sizes
  • Appropriate contrast ratio due to having Admin UI color palette

 Comparison of WordPress 5.7 Beta 2 and WordPress 5.7 Beta 1

There is still some time left for the final release of the WordPress 5.7 Beta 2 version. If you like to dive deep into the features, then better have a look at WordPress 5.7 Beta 1 features.

Core Features:

  • HTTP to HTTPS Migration: It is a single-click affair in changing HTTP to HTTPS in URLs of the WordPress website. The same is expected to find the Beta 2 testing version along with the feature of checking HTTPS status check.
  • Ongoing Cleanup: jQuery deprecations in WordPress Core and bundled themes reflect up a lot less and the notifications make more sense.
  • New Robots API: Just like the previous version, WordPress 5.7 Beta 2 is also expected to allow the filter directives to be included in robots meta tags. 

Editor Improvements:

  • Drag & Drop Feature: Block patterns that can be dragged into the page or post.
  • Block variations: This feature helps to showcase icon and description in the block inspector and the dropdown allows you to switch between the variations.
  • Reusable Blocks: It helps to save the reusable blocks to increase stability and usability 

Wrapping Up

Get ready to access the latest WordPress 5.7 Beta 2 testing version that will be releasing on 9th March 2021. Know all the improved features and specifications to make rapid development in your website. If you need any clarification on the same, then get access to WordPressIndia, as a leading WordPress development company in India. Also, hire a WordPress developer to develop an enterprise platform with optimum functionalities. 

 Frequently Asked Question


Will there be a New Default Theme in WordPress 5.7 Beta 2?

As per the news of the new release of WordPress 5.2 Beta 2, there will not be a new default. It will continue with WordPress 5.6 theme.

What is the Cost of WordPress Development?

The overall cost of WordPress Development depends on the features, functionalities, and requirements of the company. Here at WordPressIndia, we offer cost-effective WordPress development services to a company of all sizes.

Is WordPress 5.7 Beta 2 Testing Breaks the Website?

No, there is no way WordPress 5.7 Beta 2 testing will not break your website. Instead, it will bring enhanced features and functionalities to your enterprise website.

Get to Know the Expected Features of WordPress 5.7 Beta 2 Testing to Stay Ahead of Others.