5 January

WordPress 5.6 Released – Features to Explore For Website Development in 2021

WordPress 5.6 was the major release of 2020 from the most reputed CMS. This new release is integrated with multiple improvements and the latest features. It also comprises a brand new default theme. In this blog post, we’ll share what’s new in WordPress 5.6 released, and which features are worthy to integrate after updating your websites. It is a major release, and unless you are on a managed hosting service, you’ll have to manually initiate the update.

The New Default WordPress Theme

WordPress is known to releases a new default theme each year which is basically named after the year. It comes with Twenty Twenty-One as the new default theme for the users.

“Simone” – WordPress Latest & Greatest Release

WordPress 5.6 brings countless ways to bring life to your ideas. With the latest default theme as your canvas, it hosts a wide collection of blocks as your brushes.

  1. Improved Layout Flexibility

Bring your ideas to life with advanced tools allowing editing your layout with or without code. Single column blocks, full-width headers, designs using mixed widths and columns, and gradients in your cover block. It is simple to make small changes or big statements with simplicity.

  1. More Block Patterns

In old themes, preconfigured block patterns make setting up standard pages quite smooth on your website. Let the power of patterns simplify your workflow and save you clicks. In addition, share these features with clients, developers, and more.

  1. Advanced Video Captioning

To help in adding subtitles or captions to your videos for WordPress website development, you can upload them within a post or page. This makes it simpler for anyone to access videos that need or prefer to use subtitles.

Improvements for All

  1. Expanding Auto-updates

It was reported, only developers were allowed to update WordPress automatically. But currently, anyone can have that liberty, straight from the dashboard. If it is your first website, you have the service of auto-updates, right now! Upgrading an existing website? No worries! Everything is the same as it was before.

  1. Accessibility Statement

Even if you’re not a professional, you can let others know about your website’s commitment to accessibility! The latest feature comprises a template copy for you to edit and publish, and it’s written to support multiple contexts and jurisdictions.

  1. Built-in Patterns

If you’ve not had the opportunity to play with block patterns yet, all default themes now feature a collection of block patterns that let you master complex layouts with reduced effort. Customize the patterns to your liking with the copy, images, and colors that fit your story or brand.

For Developers

  1. REST API Authentication with Application Passwords

With the availability of the API’s new Application Passwords authorization feature, third-party apps can smoothly connect to your website in a streamlined and secure manner. This new REST API functionality allows you to see what apps are connecting to your website and control their activities.

  1. PHP 8 Support

WordPress 5.6 release’s biggest feature was the core support for PHP 8. Now is a perfect opportunity to start planning about the products, services, and website support for the latest PHP version.

  1. JQuery

WordPress 5.6 is equipped to upgrade the core jQuery bundled with WordPress. Theme and plugin developers depend on jQuery are already testing their code for any concerns so it will not impact a large number of users. The new 5.6 release also comprises REST API Batch Framework to make a series of REST API calls in a single request to the server.

Wrapping Up

So these are the top features integrated with WordPress 5.6 version to build an engaging website for business growth. Hopefully, this blog comprises all information to invest smoothly and boost your business in the easiest manner. You can take assistance from the WordPress web development company if face any questions regarding the development and upgrade method. WordPress India is a recognized web development company with years of experience in?

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the release date of WordPress 5.6?

As per the reports the release date of the WordPress 5.6 is later this year in the month of December. Users can use the beta version to enjoy the latest features for website development.

Is WordPress perfect for E-commerce?

WordPress is widely used for e-commerce selling because it’s easy to adapt. It is secure for e-commerce website developments. It is not particularly designed for e-commerce functionality but it is easily added with the use of a plugin named WooCommerce.

What is the cost of WordPress Website Development?

The cost of WordPress depends on the size, features, and functionality of the website. Estimating cost initially is not possible before analyzing the overall requirements and complexity of the website.

Is WordPress really free?

The WordPress software itself is completely free and open source. Open-source software is, by definition, publicly accessible. WordPress itself is available through what’s called a General Public License. The cost is involved when you hire WordPress developer from a reputed development agency.

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