28 October

WordPress 5.6 Beta Released – New feature and Changes

WordPress 5.6 Beta Released

WordPress is a renowned CMS that powers more than 25% of websites across the world. The popularity of WordPress 5.5.1 version is not over yet a new WordPress 5.6 Beta is now available for testing. This software version is still in development and will be released by the end of the year 2020, so we suggest that you run this version on a test website.

You can easily test the WordPress 5.6 beta in different ways:

  • Try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin.
  • Download the beta.

The current target for the final release is December 8, 2020. This is just a few weeks away, so your help is required to ensure this release is tested properly.

What are the improvements in the WordPress 5.6 Release?

WordPress 5.6 beta comprises a few plugin releases. Here are a few enhancements:

  • Advanced support for video positioning in cover blocks.
  • Improvements to Block Patterns including translatable strings.
  • Character counts in the information panel, advanced keyboard navigation, and other adjustments to help users find their way better.
  • Improved User Interface for drag and drop feature, as well as block movers.

What are the Improvements in WordPress Core?

1. A new default theme

The default theme is making its annual return and features a streamlined as well as elegant design, which aims to be AAA ready.

2. Auto-update option

The much-anticipated option for major releases of WordPress Core will be released which was earlier missing WordPress 5.4 version. With this functionality, you can have major releases of the WordPress software update in the background with no extra fuss for your users.

3. Timely support for PHP 8

The PHP next major version release is PHP 8 scheduled for release just a few days earlier to WordPress 5.6 beta. The project has a long history of being compatible with the latest versions of PHP as soon as possible, and this release is no different. PHP 8 is a major version release, changes that break backward compatibility for several APIs are allowed. Contributors have been hard at work fixing the known incompatibilities with PHP 8 in WordPress during the 5.6 release cycle. While all of the detectable issues in WordPress can be resolved, you will need to check that all of your plugins and themes are also compatible with PHP 8 prior to the upgrade. Keep an eye on WordPress Development in the coming weeks for more detailed information about what to search for.

4. Better Accessibility

With every release, WordPress works 24/7 to boost accessibility. Version 5.6 is no exception and will be released with several accessibility fixes and enhancements. Take a look:

    • The block selection changes manually on windows.
    • Release focusing the block selection button on each render.
    • Skip rendering the clipboard text-area inside the button.
    • Resolve dropdown menu focus loss when using arrow keys with the Safari and Voiceover.
    • Fix dragging numerous blocks downwards, which ended into blocks inserted in the wrong way.
    • Fix incorrect description in the Block List View.
    • Add arrow navigation in the Preview menu.
    • Remove links from being focusable inside the disabled component.
    • You can avail of WordPress Support from the community of experienced developers, testers & research analysts.

5. Application Passwords for REST API Authentication

As the REST API was merged into Core, only cookie-based authentication has been present. This authentication approach is quite a frustrating experience for WordPress developers, often restricting how applications can interact with secured endpoints. With the availability of Application Password in WordPress 5.6, this frustration re-authenticate when cookies expire. But don’t concern, cookie authentication will remain in WordPress if you’re not ready to change. Application Passwords are user-centric, making it simple to grant or revoke access to particular users or applications. Because information is logged, it’s also simple to track down inactive details or bad actors from unanticipated locations. WordPress has a plugin too named WooCommerce for E-commerce website development. Recently WooCommerce 4.0 is released which a perfect platform for brands is looking to sell products online.

Wrapping Up:

So these are the top features released with WordPress 5.6 Beta version to build an engaging website for business expansion. Hopefully, this assists you to invest smoothly and boost your business in the simplest way. You can take guidance from the WordPress Development Company if come across any questions regarding the development method. WordPress India is a top-rated web development company with years of experience in a similar domain. They will guide as well as assist in building the best quality business website. Share your requirements with them and get the top-rated service.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the cost of WordPress Website Development?

The cost of WordPress depends on the size, features, and functionality of the website. Estimating cost initially is not possible before analyzing the overall requirements and complexity of the website.

  1. Is WordPress perfect for E-commerce?

WordPress is widely used for e-commerce selling because it’s easy to adapt. It is secure for e-commerce website developments. It is not particularly designed for e-commerce functionality but it is easily added with the use of a plugin named WooCommerce.

  1. What is the release date of WordPress 5.6?

As per the reports the release date of the WordPress 5.6 is later this year in the month of December. Users can use the beta version to enjoy the latest features for website development.

  1. Is WordPress really free?

The WordPress software itself is completely free and open source. Open-source software is, by definition, publicly accessible. WordPress itself is available through what’s called a General Public License. The cost is involved when you hire a WordPress developer from a reputed development agency.

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