11 April

WordPress 5.5 Preview – Auto Updates for Themes & Plugins

WordPress 5.5 Preview

The next major release of WordPress, version 5.5, will introduce auto-updating features, according to several journals familiar with the news. The automatic update features will apply to the CMS platforms themes and plugins. These updates will significantly impact WordPress website development in terms of site maintenance. Auto-update features are currently available only for WordPress CMS core users.

Why Auto Update of Themes & Plugins Is Important

Security has been a growing concern among WordPress developers and website owners alike. This update appears to be WordPress’s response to those concerns. Automatically updated plugins and themes would constantly improve a site’s security without any effort. This means reduced risks of hacking and other security threats.

Many plugins pose security vulnerabilities. Without the update, those risks amplify. Outdated themes and plugins may contain malicious codes that may comprise a website’s data. For instance, WordPress published an article about several popular WordPress plugins being attacked by hackers. In each case, according to WordPress, the hackers got access to a site by exploiting a plugin’s vulnerability. This creates great risks for WordPress website development and related services.

With the release of WordPress 5.5, website owners can install plugins and forget about them since no manual update will ever be needed. This will impact a site’s efficiency and maintenance efforts. This update, therefore, exceptionally useful for WordPress speed optimization service providers. With updated plugins and themes, speed and performance maintenance become seamless.

What Prompted the Auto Update Features

With this update, WordPress intends to create an admin UI that allows site admins to make their site maintenance process secure and frictionless. It would also save a great deal of time invested in a website’s maintenance process. Time saved in checking updates for plugins and themes can be spent in other functionalities to improve user experience and performance.

After the launch of the auto-updating features, site admins would be able to opt-in for these features using the WordPress Admin button. Updates may sometime cause troubles like compatibility issues. However, such problems are outweighed by the risks of not updating a theme or a plugin.

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This functionality was in making for a couple of months now. In February 2020, the official development team at WordPress released a plugin with auto-updating functionality. It was initially slated for release in 2019, which didn’t happen. Now WordPress will release this feature in version 5.5.

Developers at WordPress India are excited about this new update. Being web development-focused company, every single update is important for our developers. You can hire WordPress experts to build a secure and engaging website for your organization. Follow our blog posts to stay updated about everything related to web development.


Wordpress Faqs

Q. What is PSD to WordPress conversion?
Here are the steps to convert a PSD to WordPress theme (Bootstrap:

1: Slice the PSD File.
2: Download & Bootstrap your theme.
3: Create Index.html & Style.css files.
4: Break Index.html File according to WordPress themes
5: Add WordPress tags to your Bootstrap template.

Q. How do I enable plugins on WordPress?
You can simply seek help from a professional WordPress developer to enable plugins. If you’re a developer yourself, follow these steps:

• Log into your WordPress admin login page
• Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins.
• Enable a plugin.
• Go to your website & refresh the page.

Q. How do I create a custom WordPress theme?
For customizing your WordPress theme, follow these steps:

• Go to Appearance -> Themes page.
• Locate the active theme
• Click on the Customize button next to its title.
• On the page that opens, modify your existing WordPress theme.
Alternatively, you can hire WordPress experts to custom the website theme and enhance the site’s performance.

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