8 April

WordPress 5.4 Released with Stronger Privacy, Faster Editor, &Improved APIs

WordPress 5.4 Released

WordPress has recently released version 5.4. This new version is dubbed “Adderley,” honouring American jazz musician Nat Adderley. Privacy enhancements, a faster editor, seamless navigation, and better APIs are some of the most striking features of this release. These features are important for WordPress customization and website development alike.

In this post, we’ll thoroughly discuss all the improvements released by WordPress. We’ll also talk about how you can best use these new features to improve the performance of your website/blog.

Major Features & Improvements in WordPress 5.4

More Control Over Privacy
This is the first major release from WordPress in 2020. Over the past year or so, privacy has been a major talking point across all internet-based platforms. The introduction of GDPR in Europe, for example, dramatically changed the way companies handle data. These privacy concerns seem to have impacted WordPress’s development team as well.

WordPress now enables developers to organize their user profile data using new data filters. The personal data export zip now comprises the JSON file for seamless portability. Besides, users can send data to erase requests using privacy tools. The privacy tools now have a cleaner look and better user experience.

Enhanced Blocks, Faster Block Editor
The new version of WordPress has added two additional blocks called Social Icons and Buttons. The Social Icons block enables users to add a group of linked icons to their social network. The platform now also has gradients in Buttons and Cover blocks. The Block Editor much better performance than the earlier version. Also, WordPress has streamlined the process for creating and replacing multimedia in blocks. Together, all these features create an immense scope for WordPress customization and enhancements.

Improved APIs for Developers
WordPress has introduced an array of changes targeted at developers. APIs have got major enhancements. WordPress theme developers now have access to two new APIs: block variations and gradients. Website owners and admins can get these improvements from a professional developer. For that, you need to hire WordPress developers to upgrade your site.
If you are a WordPress website developer, version 5.4 offers the following features:

• Natively add custom fields to menu items without coding or using a plugin.
• Easily style blocks according to your choice. Negative margin and default padding have removed from styling.
• Register collections of your blocks for plugin development.Easily sort the blocks across different categories.
• Use the Collections API to group collections of blocks categorized by namespace
• Use the Variations API to develop variations of a specific block according to your choice.

Enhancements in Block Editor, API improvements, and superior privacy control, all of these are remarkable strides for WordPress. Installing version 5.4 means enabling your web platform a complete revamp – from appearance to functionality to privacy. At WordPress India, a WordPress development company, we have the experience of building highly websites for a global clientele. We always stay updated with the most advanced features of WordPress and other web development tools.



Q. What is a WordPress developer?
A WordPress developer is a programmer who can make custom plugins and modules for WordPress-based websites. Businesses and organizations usually hire WordPress developers to build websites according to their individual needs.

Q. How can I create a website using WordPress?
WordPress is a widely used web development platform. If you are a developer, you can easily build a website using the customizable themes and plugins of WordPress. You can also convert HTML to WordPress for developing a website.

Q. How long does it take to develop a WordPress website?
The development time of a WordPress website depends on your individual requirements. If your requirements are limited it takes comparatively less time to build a WordPress website. The development team at WordPress India has a reputation for delivering projects in the shortest turnaround time.

Q. How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?
The cost of a WordPress website mainly depends on the type of website you are planning to build. Websites with basic themes and features cost less than the ones with advanced features. WordPress India offers robust and secure websites at a competitive price and short turnaround time.

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