7 January

Discover The All New Amazing Features Of WordPress 5.0


As 2018 drew to a close, it had something massive for WordPress users with the release of WordPress 5.0. Experts say that this is perhaps one of the most significant releases by the platform in its entire history. Also known as Bebo, this version marks the beginning of a new era for WordPress Development as it brings an incredible range of features to work with.

Undoubtedly, the all-new Gutenberg Editor is the biggest change that comes with the 5.0 version as it replaced the outdated WYSIWYG editor in the CMS. The new editor is appreciated because it is user-friendly and simple to use so that even the WordPress newbies are totally comfortable with it. But this is not all that is great about WordPress 5.0. let us uncover the all-new, incredible features that it brings for businesses.

1. Let’s Start With Gutenberg:- As mentioned before, Gutenberg is perhaps the most exciting thing about this latest version. The overall objective of the new editor is to ease the first-time user experience of the CMS, which it does pretty well. Fabricated around the concept of reusable blocks, it empowers the users to combine and customize these blocks to create superlative user experiences.

These blocks can be in the form of textual content, images, videos, audio players, source code blocks, and so on. All you need to do to add something to it is to open the relevant block and plug the content into it. Rather than having to make everything work, the content can be edited block-wise, which makes things much simpler than they were.

2. A New Source Code Syntax:- While WordPress Features of the version serve great improvements for users, it is equally good for developers as well. In the previous versions, the editor generated HTML code based on the user inputs. With Gutenberg, the articles continue to be rendered in HTML on the front end, but there is an intermediate syntax now.

The new source code syntax makes it easier for WordPress Developers to work with dynamically user-generated content. Moreover, the block architecture allows them to pinpoint the specific areas of error in the coding and address them right there within seconds.

3. A New Default Theme:- Another cool feature that adds to the WordPress advantages with this release is a new default theme called “Twenty Nineteen”. The theme is available out-of-the-box and makes the best use of the new editor tools of 5.0. There is no need to plug the new editor into this theme, which means that you can have a fresh site ready to go in just a few minutes.

To add to this, the Twenty Nineteen comes with appropriate system fonts that facilitate tweaking and editing in no time. It is possible to adjust the fonts, change the color theme and designs, and add new images while checking out the block editor feature of the release.

4. Improved Mobile Optimization:- WordPress 5.0 has paid attention to improving the mobile experience for the users. Here again, the latest default Twenty Nineteen Theme comes into play because it is fully responsive. At the same time, it has been ensured that all the previous default themes are also responsive now.

Not only do responsive themes drive seamless experiences for the users irrespective of the devices being used to access the site, but also have a positive impact on the SERP rankings for it. This initiative is aimed at bringing extensive advantages for the websites that choose to upgrade.

5. Compatibility With Themes and Plugins:- WordPress 5.0 brings considerable changes for the platform but it has been in the pipeline for quite some time. This means that those investing in WordPress Plugin Development had enough time to ensure compatibility of their products with the new version and the same goes for the themes as well.

A majority of WordPress such as Yoast SEO and WP Forms are compatible with 5.0 and the editor. Similarly, almost all the themes are also compatible with them. However, if a theme or plugin seems to be not working properly after you upgrade to the new version, you may require professional help.

How Do I Upgrade My WordPress Site:- With so many features that are bound to improve your experience with WordPress, an upgrade seems like a wise decision. To start with, it is advisable to Hire WordPress Developer to oversee the upgrade process as well as explain the basics of the new block-based content editor so that you can get used to it. Furthermore, you may encounter issues related to the compatibility of themes and plugins that are currently running on your site. Here again, you will need a professional to resolve the issue.

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