20 November

Explore The New And Exciting Features Of WordPress 4.9 Version


The year 2017 has been a big one for WordPress as it has brought two back-to-back releases for the platform. After 4.8 “Evans” was introduced in the month of June, the most recent release was that of 4.9 “Tipton” which was unveiled on November 16, 2017. The changes in this version focus completely on the users, with a strong inclination towards helping them with editing and management as well as rescuing them from coding errors.
Let’s check the new and exciting features that this version brings for WordPress developers and users:

1. It Allows The Users To Save, Preview, And Schedule Changes in Customizer

WordPress 4.9 enables the users to save the theme customization made with the help of Customizer. It allows the creation of a unique URL of the preview which they can share with others. The other person can see the changes even without a login access to the dashboard. There is also a provision for scheduled publishing for Theme Customizations.

2. It Improves The Theme Browsing Experience in Customizer

The new version offers extensive improvement in the browsing experience in Customizer. Several steps have been taken in this direction. The installed themes and new themes have been separated from the repository. Similarly, the version presents a new set of tools for the developers too, making it more developer-friendly.

3. It offers a new Gallery Widget

After the 4.8 version introduced new widgets for image and media, WordPress 4.9 also offers a new Gallery Widget. The widget enables the addition and display of selected images in the sidebar or other widget-ready areas. It also facilitates the creation of a native gallery.

4. It Provides Add Media Support For Text Widget

In WP 4.8, the Text Widget had plain text and HTML tabs and the knowledge of HTML and CSS was needed to use media in Text Widget. However, with 4.9, this problem has been resolved as it provides an “Add Media” button which can be used to upload and select images, audio, or video directly inside the text widget and HTML To WordPress Conversion.

5. It supports Shortcodes in Text Widget

Previously, the platform did not allow the execution of short code in the text widgets, rather they had to be explicitly enabled by the users. However, the update has enabled the users to add them in the text widgets out of the box.

6. Its Video Widget Supports Videos From Other Providers

Earlier, the Video Widget was capable of displaying videos from Vimeo and YouTube only. The options of o Embeds and video thumbnail in the new version now support videos from other platforms too.

7. It Provides A Better Coding Experience

The new platform version is not only a boon for the users but also a blessing for the professionals engaged in WordPress Development. It serves them a better coding experience with the addition of CodeMirror, a versatile text editor, to the Customizer, Custom CSS, and theme/plugin editor.

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