7 November

Discover The Amazing New Features Of WordPress 4.8 “Evans”


2017 has been an eventful year for WordPress as the platform came up with a major release, the version 4.8 in June, while the release of another version 4.9 is on the cards in November. Named after the popular jazz composer and pianist William John “Bill” Evans, WordPress 4.8 “Evans” packs a host of benefits that add value to the platform.

The new release brings a variety of updates that have been designed with the user in mind. These updates have enhanced the features of WordPress and made it even more apt for representing business brands. Consequently, more and more businesses running their sites on the platform are availing WordPress Upgradation Service to get the best that the new version has to offer. Let’s check out the exciting new features of WordPress 4.8 “Evans”:

Widget Updates

  • Image Widget: With this widget, an image can be easily inserted right within the widget settings. You need not even know the code for adding the image.
  • Video Widget: The video widget enables the addition of video content from the Media Library to a sidebar on the website for the users to see. It helps you to engage the users and strengthen your brand message.
  • Audio Widget: With the audio widget, you can upload an audio file to the Media Library and then access the widget settings, followed by selecting your file to add the audio on the site.
  • Rich Text Widget: As the name suggests, this widget enables the customization of text from its settings so that you can enrich it with features such as bold and italic text, lists, insert links, and more.

Link Boundaries:- Editing the link or text around it in WordPress is a complex task that usually comes up as a challenge for the user. But the issue has been resolved in the 4.8 update with a feature called link boundaries. It streamlines the entire process and eliminates the complications involved in updating or editing the links.

Nearby WordPress Events:- WordPress 4.8 “Evans” keeps you connected with the community as it displays all the upcoming WordCamps and official WordPress events, that are going to happen near you, on the dashboard. This gives you an opportunity to be a part of these events and improve your WordPress skills and network.

Other Developer-Friendly Features

The version brings some more features that are useful for a WordPress developer in India or abroad:

  • The Admin panel headings are more accessible which translates into an improved experience.
  • The new text-editor new JavaScript API enables the customization of the text area with buttons and functions.
  • The core support for WMA and WMV files has been removed in the update
  • It is also improved with new capabilities that enable multisite updates.
    The introduction of a new media widget REST API brings the possibilities of new ones in the future.
  • The new responsive breakpoints that are added to the customizer sidebar widen it on high-resolution screens.

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