4 August

A Few Crucial Reasons to Develop a WooCommerce Private Store?

WooCommerce Private Store

“Protecting the password on a WooCommerce Store” may seem a paradoxical idea. Fundamentally, it was done to safeguard the store from any unauthorized users. It may be a challenging task to create a fully-functional WooCommerce private store. However, when you use the appropriate plugin, the complex task may appear convenient.  

Did You Know: WooCommerce happens to be among the 26% of global eCommerce websites? Yes, it is an excellent way to develop an online store without even writing any piece of code.

Creating a private WooCommerce store is an innovation in itself. This is because it does not only restrict access to product categories in the store but also will prevent any illegal access to the entire store at once. Let’s first take a glance at the need for a private store.

Reasons to develop a WooCommerce Private Store 

The WooCommerce private store is created to provide a one-stop solution to different situations. It is beneficial for the store owner as they may not want to sell every product to every customer. Some of the reasons why you will require a private WooCommerce store are as follows: 

When a store sells unique products

It may happen that some stores are selling exclusive products that have limited editions. Therefore, there may be some specific set of audiences who would buy their products. These store owners do not require any random users to have complete access to the store products. 

In these circumstances, a WooCommerce private store may be an ideal solution for you. It will limit the access of any customer to have access to exclusive products other than the existing customers. 

Stores that are dealing in premium products

Some stores are created with a diverse vision and may adopt a different marketing approach. They are of the perception that only a handful of customers purchase their products. This will also avoid any confusion and chaos. This is because as they deal in premium products they have a higher margin to make profits with premium customers. These types of store owners create an inviting strategy as their marketing strategy

Additional Reasons

Some of the other reasons for developing a private WooCommerce store are:

  • A private WooCommerce store is beneficial for an online test similar to the IT companies checking their prototypes.
  • For B2-B businesses, it is vital to lock the retail customers. A private WooCommerce is a perfect solution for them.
  • To test various operations, this type of store is advantageous for the owners as they will know how their store is functioning before going live.

Wrapping Up: 

WooCommerce Private Store is an excellent medium to safeguard the interests of store owners. It enhances the flexibility of the online store and you can add customization that will create a perfect business option. 

  • WooCommerce private store can be beneficial to create a private area for wholesale members and protection of product catalog. 
  • Suppose, your store is selling adult products such as tobacco, and alcohol, then it will be harmful if underage people go through the product categories. 
  • There may be some different WooCommerce membership levels for different members. Therefore, WooCommerce’s private store can be advantageous in this situation. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who can see private products WooCommerce?

One of the coolest things about using WooCommerce is that you can decide who gets access to your store and to its products. You can create a private WooCommerce catalog that only registered users can access.

What is a private product WooCommerce?

Depending on the type of business you’re running, you might need a way to display WooCommerce private products on your website. Having a private, hidden section on your online store makes it easy to sell customer-specific products and/or keep private products hidden from the public.

How do I password-protect a product in WooCommerce?

  • The free WooCommerce plugin lets you password-protect individual products, in exactly the same way as you can password-protect pages and posts.
  • On the Add Product or Edit Product screen, look for the ‘Visibility’ option in the ‘Publish’ section at the top right.
  • Tick ‘Password protected’, chose a password, and click ‘OK’

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