10 October

10 Reasons That Make WooCommerce An Amazing Choice For Startups


E-commerce is a challenging domain, specifically if you are planning to break in as a startup. The biggest question relates to the choice of the right platform for e-commerce store development. There are options like Magento, Drupal, Shopify, and more. Despite these options, WooCommerce is one platform that has emerged as a leading choice for startups. A powerful WordPress plugin, WooCommerce has a series of benefits that make it ideal for such enterprises.

Let’s Check The 10 Best Reasons That Favor The Choice of This Platform For Developing Online Stores For Startup Ventures:

1.The Basic Version Comes Free:- The most amazing thing about picking WooCommerce is that its basic version can be availed free of cost. A free platform is something that a startup can really do with because it can cut the costs to a considerable extent. And there is always an option to move over to the advanced version for more features as the business grows.

2.Easy To Set up:- Another great thing about WooCommerce is the ease it can be installed with. There is no need to hire skilled WordPress Developers to set up a website with WooCommerce as it can be done without technical expertise. Again, this makes it a cost-effective option for startups.

3.Unmatched Flexibility:- The platform offers unmatched flexibility as it supports physical, virtual and even downloadable products. Additionally, it facilitates diverse payment methods for the online store, which makes things much easier for the online shoppers. These features are specifically useful for enterprises starting their journey in this domain.

4. Customization Possibilities:- With WooCommerce Development, you have opportunities to customize your online store to match your business requirements. It enables you to choose custom design templates for specific product pages and categories. Further, you can tweak the code and enhance the store with special features.

5. Powerful Analytics:- An analytics system plays a vital role in this business domain as it generates powerful data that can be used to create long-term strategies. WooCommerce brings a built-in analytics system that displays the key metrics related to total sales, individual client statistics, sales by date, average order totals, and much more, all in an easily readable manner.

6. Security:- Security is a major concern for e-commerce startups as even a minor flaw can compromise their reputation and translate into a loss of credibility. WooCommerce Plugin ensures secure shopping experiences as it is updated regularly to do away with bugs and other security issues.

7. Mobile Compatibility:- Being a mobile compatible platform, it ensures that your new site looks as good on the mobile as it does on the desktop. What more, the existing WooCommerce store can be easily turned into a mobile app with the help of third-party tools and services.

8. SEO-Friendliness:- Another reason that makes WooCommerce the best choice for startups is that it is SEO-friendly. The store’s online reach can be extended with minimal efforts with the help of powerful SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO.

9. Beyond E-commerce:- WooCommerce not only caters the most amazing e-commerce interfaces but goes much beyond. For instance, it supports blog integration to a functional online store, which is a bonus for new businesses that want to maximize their reach with engaging content for the potential customers.

10. Huge Community Support:- Being a part of the WordPress community, WooCommerce too has extensive support. Expert assistance is easily accessible in case the developers come across any glitches during the development process.

At WordPress India, we specialize in creating incredible WordPress e-commerce sites for established enterprises and budding startups. We hold expertise in WooCommerce too and can apply all its best features to take your startup business on the top.

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