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Why WordPress Child Theme is Important & How to Create it?

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WordPress is a profit-oriented platform for large, SMEs to startups creating a fully customized business website. With user-friendly features, easy integrations, and end-to-end assistance, create or make a change in a hassle-free manner. Even, WordPress theme customization service is readily available to change the overall outlook of the site to meet user requirements and create a lasting brand image.

In case, you are not obliged with the current WordPress theme and its appearance, then you have an option to change it. Not fully, but to a partial appearance level, you can implement the WordPress Child theme in a hassle-free manner.

But what is a child theme? How does it work? Why it is important for a WordPress website? All these questions must be answered before doing anything.

So, in this regard, we have this informative tutorial for you to change the WordPress child theme following a step-by-step process. Before that, let’s understand what actually is this theme and its working process.

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What is Magento Child Theme & Why Use it?

Before talking about the child theme, we need to first understand something about a parent theme.

A theme that is a parent is something that changes the overall outlook of a WordPress website. Be it like design, fonts, graphics, pictures, or anything else on it. Inside the parent theme lies the feature of a child theme. The function of an activated child theme is to change few parts of the existing theme to give the site a partial makeover.

It can be changing styles, functions, layouts, templates, and other features on the site under the realm of a Child Theme.

Also, keep in mind that the child theme is not a standalone theme. But compiles under the parent theme. The only difference lies in that you need  professional WordPress support to change a parent theme. Whereas, a child theme can be altered using our simple to use step-by-step process.

Key Benefits of Using Child Theme for WordPress Website

Now, you know the basic understanding of a WordPress child theme. But advantages are still unclear. So, here we have the following few benefits of implementing a child theme.

* You can choose a child theme to make fewer changes in the already existing theme. It saves time, effort, and money to make partial changes instead of building a new theme right from the scratch.

* Take complete advantage of sophisticated frameworks and functionality of the parent theme to make changes and customizing the design.

* Upgrade to parent theme without losing all the customizations.

* Can disable the child theme, if you are not happy with the customizations.

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Best Time to Use a Child Theme

If you think that you can create a child theme on the WordPress website as per the requirements, then you need to consider the following points:

* If you want minor changes or modifications on the site like color changes, font, then the child theme is ideal for you.

* Child theme changes are not recommended at the time of making larger changes like complete design overhaul, multiple template altercations, or anything else.

Step-By-Step Process to Create a Child Theme on WordPress

Now, we come to another important part of the discussion i.e. to create a WordPress child theme using a step-wise process.

#Step 1: Creating a Child Theme

The first stop of the process starts with creating a child theme on your WordPress using the following few steps:

* Get access to the hPanel and click File Manager.

* Navigate to public_html->wp-content->themes folder.

* Create a New Folder by clicking on the upper menu icon.

* Enter the child theme’s name and click Create.

* It is best to follow a parent theme’s name followed by a -child suffix.

* Inside the folder, create a style.cc file.

* Change all the values, most importantly Template.

* Create another file name called functions.php in the same set of the folder.

* Finally visit the website and access Appearance -> Theme.

* Activate the child theme you just made it.

#Step 2: Customizing the Child Theme

Customizing your child theme on the WordPress website is a simple process. All you need is to have a basic understanding of CSS rules and some knowledge of internal elements. It helps you to better pinpoint the CSS code and the class.

Simply to go Customise -> Additional CSS from your active child theme.

#Step 3: Changing Background Color

To change the background color, follow the steps below:

* Follow the CSS rule to insert the changes.

* Add value to the next background-color as correspond to the hex code of the color you choose.

#Step 4: Changing the Sidebar Color

Create an attractive display of your widgets by adding some color to the sidebar.

Use the following few CSS Code:

* .widget

* background

* padding: 25px

#Step 5: Changing the Font Types, Sizes, and Color

Use the below code to change the font size, type, and color:

* p{

* color: teal;

* }

* p{

* font-family: Georgia;

* font-size: 18px;

* }

#Step 6: Add & Remove Features

One of the benefits of using the WordPress child theme is to have a separate functions.php file created like that of a plugin. It is used to add or remove certain features using the PHP code.

Final Note

Now, making partial level design changes on a WordPress theme is no longer a hassle for you. Child theme offers a powerful way to bring customized changes to the site’s fonts, colors, layouts, templates, and more without breaking the core functionalities. Know more about this end-to-end WordPress theme development from a leading company like WordPressIndia.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is that Simple to Make Changes in WordPress Child Theme?

Yes, making changes in the child theme of WordPress is simple and require you to have a little knowledge of CSS. Even, if you can expect expert WordPress theme development service from us to make customized changes.

  1. Does Changes in Child Theme Affect the Existing Functionalities?

No, it will not change the existing features and information of your website. Child theme customization is all about changing the font size, color, type, layout, background color, and more.

  1. In How Much Time All the Changes on Child Theme Can be Made?

It all depends on the number of changes to be made in WordPress’s child theme. If you know the required technicalities of the platform, then it will not take much time to do the customizations. Otherwise, better to take the professional assistance of a WordPress developer.

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