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Why WooCommerce is Good For E-Commerce Business

Why WooCommerce is good for E-Commerce Business

If you are planning to venture into the e-commerce domain, you need to understand the significance of choosing the right platform for building your online store. The choice is extensive but selecting a perfect one is very important that serves your online selling venture in the right manner. On the surface, WooCommerce is just another free WordPress Plugin, but there is much more to it. It offers an array of incredible features which make it a preferred platform for setting up a visually appealing and user-friendly online store. The popularity of WooCommerce can be judged from the fact that it powers nearly one-third of online stores.

Let’s Explore The Unmatched Power of This Amazing Platform That Gives You The Reason To Invest in WooCommerce Development For Your Next Project:

1. Unlimited Flexibility
WooCommerce packs immense flexibility as it enables the merchants to conveniently handle the products even without any technical expertise. The platform gives them the option to sell physical, virtual, downloadable, and affiliate products. The core version comes with some basic features and functionalities for free, while premium extensions can be availed for more. These extensions enable advanced functionalities such as to offer bookings, categorize products, sell subscriptions, and memberships.

2. Appealing Interface
WooCommerce forms the basis of creating appealing interfaces for online stores. The default WordPress themes give the store a contemporary design and adhere to current trends as well. WooCommerce also offers a range of theme extensions to customize the store according to the requirement of the business.

3. Developer-Friendly
Another advantage of WooCommerce is that it has been specifically created to be developer-friendly. It gives them the freedom to customize the sites, build extensions, and apply filters. Moreover, they can handily migrate an existing store from any other platform to WooCommerce. Since it is built with REST API, it can be easily integrated with any other services. This enables the developers to scale the store according to the client’s requirements.

4. Comprehensive Features
WooCommerce makes a perfect e-commerce platform because it packs all the features that any online store would need to run seamlessly. For instance, it brings some pre-installed payment gateways for facilitating the payment function. Geo-location support for shipping function, automatic tax management, and default currency options are some other features it renders. Being a store owner you can hire WordPress developers to integrate all the above-mentioned features. This will give you a competitive edge to survive in the world of E-commerce and serve customers in a better manner.

5. Integrated SEO
Being a WordPress Plugin, WooCommerce offers integrated SEO which effectively strengthens core marketing strategy for the online store. An SEO-friendly store has stronger chances of ranking higher on search engines for better traffic and greater customer reach. WooCommerce also supports other marketing features such as social media integration, discount codes and coupons, wishlists, product reviews, product bundles, e-mailers, and more.

6. Built-In Analytics
In addition to the aforementioned benefits, WooCommerce brings built-in analytics, which enables the merchants to understand user behaviour and formulate their business plans accordingly. Analytics also help them to track sales and growth trends. Also, they enable the generation of performance reports for the business.

7. Effective CRM
Customer satisfaction is the mainstay of e-commerce success. With WooCommerce Integration Services, stores get access to effective CRM which translates into enhanced customer satisfaction and higher conversions for the business. The sellers can manage the customer accounts, generate passwords for them, display products, integrate third-party services, and offer one-click refunds.

Undoubtedly, with such amazing features, WooCommerce emerges as an excellent choice for building a WordPress store for your e-commerce business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is WooCommerce good for E-commerce?

Well, WooCommerce is the e-commerce extension offered from WordPress, the most popular content management system of all times, serving 25% of all the websites across the world. WooCommerce offers great services, strong features, it’s very simple to manage and it’s free to use.

2. Is WordPress suitable for E-commerce?
WordPress is widely used for e-commerce websites because it’s easy to adapt and compete. It is secure for e-commerce website developments. It is not particularly designed for e-commerce functionality but it is easily added using a plugin named Woocommerce and themes.

3. What is WooCommerce integration?
WooCommerce is a plugin that is easy to integrate with your existing WordPress website, turning it into a fully functional WordPress e-commerce website with a bit of customization. When the plugin was launched in 2011, it quickly became the major solution for users looking to launch their own stores online.

4. What is the use of the WooCommerce plugin?
WooCommerce is an E-commerce plugin for WordPress web development. It makes creating and managing an online store easy, with reasonable levels of flexibility and numerous important features including inventory and tax management, secure payments and shipping integration.

5. What is the latest version of WooCommerce?
The latest release of WooCommerce has been in development since November 2018, and during that time, 3.6 version has had many recommendations from 122 contributors. 3.6 is a “minor” release; this version is backwards compatible with sites running on old versions of WooCommerce are easily compatible.

6. Is WooCommerce free for WordPress?
WooCommerce and WordPress are both free, open-source software. One of the reasons people choose WooCommerce is because, as the plugin, the cost is easy to customize and the user has a lot more control over what to spend which is missing in most other E-commerce platforms.

Seeing so many remarkable features of Woocommerce for E-commerce website development, many brands have opted for it to leverage its benefits. If you are planning to invest in E-commerce selling, it is the best time to consult a WordPress web development service provider. They will integrate the latest features in your website to make it user friendly, secure and smooth to navigate.

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