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What Essential Steps Needed to Make WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly?

Steps Needed to Make WordPress Website

The number of users surfing internet from mobile devices is growing at an exponential rate and the day is not far when they exceed the desktop users. Considering this, mobile users have become a major target of revenue generation for business enterprises. Google also consider mobile-friendly WordPress website as a key search engine ranking factor.

Mobile-friendly is an approach where website core objective is to focus on the user experience for mobile users. WordPress is the most popular website development platform thus making WordPress based website look more intuitive and actionable on mobile phones is the most important job.

And with reliable WordPress Development Company, you can easily build a responsive and fully functioning mobile version of your website with all key requirements integrated. In this blog, we are going to discuss the major tips to make any WordPress website mobile-first.

Tips to Make WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly

1. Make Website Responsive

Web design experts suggest building a responsive website that works well on both desktop and mobile devices. A responsive website includes same content and information on any device to access, but the site responds as per the device screen size.

With responsive design, website can be made mobile friendly without limiting the information that is they get same content to explore. And responsive design is a key factor of successful SEO. Google directly recommends it.

2. Avoid Text-Blocking Ads and Pop-ups

Nobody likes viewing ads & pop-ups in any context and particularly when you’re trying to read text on a small screen blocking your view. Most visitors won’t take the time to close the pop up, they’ll simply switch to another website. To create a positive impact on user experience, avoid allowing ads & pop-ups that block the content of a web page.

If you feel they’re important, then either disable them for mobile users, or position them in the way they appears to the bottom of the page. And make sure the close mark is big enough that user can easily find and select it.

3. Focus on Website Speed

No user likes to wait impatiently for websites to load. Currently everyone has access to fast internet speed, if your website loads at the pace of the snail, your audience won’t wait around. Google’s research revealed most websites take over five seconds to completely load, but few visitors will wait that long. Website owners can perform WordPress Customization approach to improve site speed. Steps to improve your website speed on mobile are:

  • Compress Your Images – The key reason behind website loading slow is the presence of high-resolution images and CSS. You can simply speed up website by compressing your image file sizes without affecting the quality.
  • Check Your Web Hosting Plan – If your website has become old, or if you went with a less reputed hosting provider, one negative consequence could be slower load times. You can speed up your website by upgrading to a web hosting plan meeting your current needs.

4. Perform Rigorous Mobile Testing

The best approach to make sure your WordPress website offers a good mobile experience is to perform its testing on mobile device. On regular basis, open your website on your mobile phone and tablet and spend quality time to explore if anything’s hard to access. Ask your employees to perform the same job, and consider sharing it with users to do testing as well.

Regular testing is the perfect means to catch small issues that leads to worse experience for your visitors. The faster you identify them, the sooner you can update your website to provide a mobile-friendly experience.

5. Don’t Use Flash

Using flash within your website is not a right strategy and is considered as an SEO mistake. It can make your web page load time slow and there are multiple browsers and devices where it is not compatible at all. Neither Android nor iOS gadgets support flash, hence if you build a website that depends on the experience of a flash animation, your mobile users will move to another website. In order to retain them hire WordPress developers from a reputed agency having all key resources to serve your business needs.

Most designers know by now not to use flash on a website, but if yours was built a few years ago, you may still have some lingering features that use the outdated technology. Scrap the technology altogether on your website and find a strong web design that works without it.

Wrapping Up

In the last few years, mobile audiences have surpassed desktop audiences and became more important than ever. So, if you haven’t switched your website to mobile platform, the time is now. Move your site to mobile and be ahead of your competitors. Focus on making your website mobile-friendly and completely responsive, managing content, optimizing images and improving loading speed, are some key factors you need to take care of while making your website for mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does WordPress look good on mobile?

Your website look great on mobile device, but you really need to test it on a wide range of screen sizes to know if it’s truly responsive. Even if you happen to have a whole bunch of old phones lying around, that can be a time-consuming process to test it on every screen.

2. How do I make my website look good on mobile?
  • Test Your Site Using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool.
  • Use a Responsive WordPress Theme.
  • Choose a Reliable Web Host.
  • Improve Your Site’s Loading Times.
  • Redesign Your Pop-Ups for Mobile Devices.
3. How can I increase my WordPress website speed on mobile?
  • Serve Different Content to Mobile Visitors
  • Choose a Great Web Host
  • Enable a CDN
  • Consider a Caching Plugin
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Optimize Images
  • Optimize Plugins and Themes

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