13 October

5 Ways To Welcome Your Blog Visitors This Diwali


Revamping your blog according to a festive season not only throws a warm welcome to visitors but also energizes your blog with cheerful newness. And since Diwali is around the corner, it’s time you dazzle your WordPress blog with some festive glitter. Here are five ways which can help you render the much-cherished festive feel to your blog, this Diwali.

Let A Pop-Up Do The Greeting:- Pop-ups are in. And the trending design element can prove to be an excellent greeting card tool during the festive season. The cute boxes show up on the landing page of a website, greeting visitors the moment they enter it. To create the perfect Diwali greeting pop-up for your blog, you can use the DW Popup Card plugin. The plugin offers extensive customization, allowing the creation of a unique pop-up for greeting your blog visitors.

Display A Fireworks Greeting:- If you prefer a firework graphics over anything else to adorn your site’s greeting card, consider using the Fireworks Message Box plugin. The plugin showcases a greeting message box with fireworks on it, during a specified time frame. The message box appears during that time and disappears when the time period gets over.

Feature A Countdown To The Festive Day:- Share the excitement for your favourite festival with blog visitors by featuring a countdown timer to the big day. WordPress offers several plugins which render the functionality. Examples include Countdown plugin, Simple Countdown Timer, Offer Countdown Timer, and much more. Just make sure you customize the countdown timer’s look to the feel of the festival.

Display Festive Decorations In The Background:- Just as you decorate your home and workplace on a festival, your blog can be decorated too. You can do so by putting drawings in your blog’s background which symbolize Diwali. That is, fireworks, Indian sweets, earthen lamps, or rangoli. The WordPress Plugin by the name of Decorations For Occasions can help you do the same.

Post A Special Blog Post:- Lastly, consider posting a special Diwali-centric blog post. A food blogger can post a Diwali food recipe. A developer blogger can post a tutorial on how to incorporate a firework animation in a website. A tech & gadget blogger can post about the latest gadgets to buy during the festive season. The possibilities are, indeed, many.

Blogging is an art which lets you share yourself with the world. So, don’t hide your excited part for the special time of the year. Greet your blog visitors, welcome them and share the festive fervour wholeheartedly.

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