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Know Which Type Of Websites Can Get Built Using WordPress

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Many people choose WordPress for blogging, which is the best method to kickstart your blogging career. But WordPress offers more features than simply creating, posting, and publishing content pieces. In this blog, we’ll discuss the various websites built with WordPress and see the number of WordPress website can help you out.

WordPress empowers more than 42% of all websites on the internet, which makes it the most reliable and scalable website builder today. WordPress.com and WordPress.org are the two types of WordPress websites, out of which, one is a web hosting company, and the latter is a self-hosted WordPress.   

Before getting started, in this blog, we will be discussing self-hosted WordPress websites. Experts suggest using WordPress.org gives you complete access to all the out-of-the-box WordPress functionalities. WordPress hosting and domain name are the two crucial components required to establish your WordPress website.   

For further assistance, get in touch with our expert WordPress developers who can guide you according to your business preference, budget, and current market trends.   

Now, without any further ado, let’s get started!  

What is WordPress?  

Before diving deeper into which type of websites can get developed using WordPress, let’s first understand what WordPress is.   

In simple words, WordPress is a content management system that every website needs to function adequately. It works like a mediator between you, the content creator, and your audience. It means, you can build, customize, and create content in the back-end, which WordPress represents in a friendly and easy-to-follow interface for the website’s visitors.   

However, WordPress is not “just any CMS platform.” It helps people develop websites and holds 42.9% of all the websites in the world.   

Which type of websites you can build using WordPress?  

Let’s briefly talk about which websites can get developed using WordPress. To ease your understanding, we’ve curated a list of top important categories, as follows:  

Blogging/personal website  

Blogging is the most common usage of WordPress and the platform is most widely known for this purpose. It’s easy to set up blogging on WordPress, and the customization process is highly streamlined and hassle-free. However, you need not stick to blogging to create your online presence.   

WordPress helps build websites that can get personalized the way you want and where you can showcase any type of content. For instance, you can build a temporary website for your wedding, which can also help you send an online invitation to the guests. From wedding announcements to the event list, you can share all the details on the website for everyone to have a unique experience. 

Also, many people love creating a website where they can keep all the good life memories like pictures, videos, stories, and journals. Your imagination is the limit here.  

Online eCommerce store  

Another popular reason why people choose WordPress for their business is its user-friendly online store development features. Businesses who want to make their online presence in the eCommerce world can build a website specifically designed for selling anything online. You can either hire WordPress developers who can create the most unique WordPress eCommerce website or DIY with so many tutorials available online. Users can also simply configure a WordPress website by installing WooCommerce – the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin.   

Business website  

If you are looking for a platform to develop your business website, be rest assured that WordPress is an ideal platform to get started with. From promoting your services and hiring people to create a team to starting a side project and creating newsletters, a WordPress website offers everything that you need to establish the online presence of your business.  


If you’re working in a field with real projects that speak a lot about your skills, talents, and creative mindset, a portfolio website is something that you should create. WordPress offers great features to build awesome portfolios, which can also get customized for a personal yet professional touch.   

Students looking for exposure to get hired can create a portfolio website to make an impression on the recruiting team. WordPress is an affordable way to get your work online in a fashionable way, with little effort.   


If you are planning to launch a website to showcase your podcasts, WordPress comes with varied plugins to add multiple features to the website and make it highly user-friendly. People can create a podcast-oriented website with WordPress and make things look professional – from webpage to functions and tabs, everything will leave an ever-lasting impression on the viewers.  

Online marketplace  

WordPress helps people build their own online stores. Additionally, they can partner with other vendors and give them an opportunity to bring their products to your website. People can build an online marketplace and expand their eCommerce business while listing external sellers.   

WordPress can also get used for drop shipping. It means, people can build a dedicated site where the customers can register and dropship to earn extra cash. This platform has all the gear required for your business to prosper.  

Social network  

If your plan is to create communities online, you can check what WordPress can offer to your store. The platform has its own official plugin for social networks and forums, but you don’t have to limit yourself to these tools and attain excellence with expertise.  

Media and news  

Since WordPress is famous for blogging, it can also get transformed into handling media and news websites. With the right tools, widgets, designs, and gimmicks, it can help you make the most of your media business.   

When you hire a professional WordPress developing team, the professionals will make sure your hosting help manage a large audience.  


There are many such categories of websites that people can build with WordPress. So, now you know WordPress offers varied opportunities for personal and professional endeavors. Most importantly, it can help you handle all the primary functions that you have in mind – from businesses to communities and media coverage, the list goes on.  

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Frequently Asked Questions : 

Q1.What type of website is WordPress good for?  

WordPress is the best blogging platform in the world, used for small websites and large-scale publications. Its flexibility makes WordPress the best choice for personal blogging and multi-author blogs. Also, it allows people to create content-rich websites for business excellence.  

Q2.What types of websites are most popular?  

  • ECommerce websites  
  • Personal blogging  
  • Business websites  
  • Brochure websites  
  • Portfolio website  
  • Entertainment or media website  
  • Non-profit website  
  • Community forum   

Q3.Is WordPress good for static websites?  

WordPress is a go-to platform that helps create static websites. With the right plugins and WordPress themes, you can customize your static website to offer great functionality that fit your brand’s style and target audience.   

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