22 November

List of Top-Rated WooCommerce Payment Gateways for WordPress

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Have you just started with the WooCommerce store on WordPress? If yes, then you must decide on the best WooCommerce payment gateways integration to maintain the seamless flow of transactions.

It’s not necessary to tell you about the relative importance of a payment gateway on an eCommerce website.

You are already aware of it.

But what matters the most is how to select the right option for your business that meets the payment criteria of targetted customers.

For this information itself, we have created this blog to talk about the top-notch payment gateway for WordPress websites and how to choose the same.

So, let’s first start our discussion by looking at what’s involved in a WooCommerce payment gateway.

Inclusions of a Payment Gateway

Majorly, three key points are involved in any of the WooCommerce payment gateways that are as follows:

  1. The Merchant i.e. You the Enterprise: With the merchant you as an eCommerce entity that accepts a card payment, online transactions, bank transfer, or any other payment mode from customers. For this, you are required to become a partner with a merchant bank to accept payments from customers.
  2. The Customer: It is the customer that initiates the final transaction by paying for products from a favourable route of payment. It has been witnessed that 42% of customers prefer to make payment via credit card, while only 39% uses electronic fund transfer.
  3. The Technology Partner: It is basically the payment processing tech partner that handles the overall functionality of a particular payment gateway.

How to Choose the Best WooCommerce Payment Gateway?

There are a few aspects to be taken into consideration while selecting an ideal payment gateway for your WooCommerce website.

1.What Would be the Transaction Fee?

Generally, a majority of WooCommerce payment gateways charge a transaction fee from every single product transaction. As an online retailer, you have to pay this fee to the payment gateway company. But the amount of transaction fee is not fixed.

To adjust the same, you can increase the price of products and let customers pay the transaction fee hidden inside product rates. On the other side, you can compare the transaction fees of multiple payment gateways and opt for the less one.

2. Is There Any Other Charges?

There might be an instance that a particular payment gateway of WooCommerce has an additional charge. It could be another fee charged with the final product price and transaction fee. So, you need to check first the range of such a fee before selecting an ideal payment gateway.

3.What about Recurring Payments?

The recurring payment is something that repeats after a specific period of time. Mainly in terms of buying an online subscription that has its own time duration and must be renewed by again paying a fee.

Concerning the same, if your website works in that model to offer subscription-based services to customers, then you need to consider recuring payment integration.

4.Is the Payment Gateway Available in Targeted Region?

Another important factor to take into consideration while opting for the best WooCommerce payment gateway is demographic availability. You need to make sure the fact that the payment gateway you have selected must be available in your demographic area. It should be also popular and widely accepted in your region.

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List of Top-Rated WooCommerce Payment Gateway


PayPal is like the universal payment gateway with WooCommerce based on WordPress. It is a highly accepted option across 202 countries and deals in accepting 25+ different currencies payments.

Top Features of PayPal

* It is available as the 24/7 monitoring, advanced encrypted, and fraud protection payment gateway.

* It is a PCI compliant option that ensures smooth and seamless transactions.

* Currently, it is available as WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway integration.

* One of the best features of PayPal is its flexibility to be well-integrated with other WordPress plugins.


Stripe comes second after PayPal and is still considered as the strong WooCommerce payment gateway.

Like its competitors, Stripe is widely accepted across 35+ countries and has 15+ currency modes inside. Moreover, the average transaction fee charged under Stripe is 2.9 % to 0.30 cents.

Top Features of Stripe

* For accessing the Stripe WordPress plugin support, you need not have a separate merchant account. The payment comes automatically to your existing account after 2 days of the transaction.

* It is also a PCI compliant payment gateway and offers client-side tokenization.

* It is available under the name of WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway and can be integrated with other plugins as well.


Square is another option to look for. It can be swiftly integrated with your WooCommerce platform to bring seamless transactions benefits.

It is meant best for physical retail outlets, delivery, and product selling options. In countries like Japan, Australia, Canada, US, and the UK, Stripe is a popular choice of payment gateway with different transactional fees.

4.WooCommerce PayPal Pro

Taking one step ahead of PayPal is the paid version i.e., WooCommerce PayPal Pro. It is a technically advanced extension for receiving product payments with a better checkout option at a great deal of speed.

In major countries including the US, UK, and Canada, PayPal Pro is the widely used payment gateway on the eCommerce website.

To utilize this particular extension, enterprises need a monthly subscription service to enable the features of the same.


Another seamless payment gateway for WooCommerce to look for is Authorize. Net. It is a popular option widely accessed across global regions like the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Australia, the United States, and more.

Top Features of Authorize.Net

* It provides a seamless way of the checkout process for making payments using a credit check.

* Payment is processed in the background with no need to leave the website.

* The extension of the payment gateway supports recurring payments.

Final Note

Now, that you have got the idea about the WooCommerce payment gateway. Next, you must be thinking about which one to go for. Means, which one is best for you. Well, the final decision should be based on your requirements. It should also be based on providing a better user experience, express checkout.

Concerning the same, get in touch with a reliable WordPress plugin development company, which is WordPressIndia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Default Payment Gateway in WooCommerce?

By default means, WooCommerce uses the BACS which is like processing status until the payment is cleared by the store owner. For this, you need to verify your bank account to make sure the fact that payment is cleared.

  1. In How Much Time Funds be Transferred in WooCommerce Account?

It usually takes 2-day of time after a purchase has been made or you can enable the option of Instant Deposits to receive the funds in a matter of few minutes only. 

  1. Is that Possible to Use Multiple Payment Gateways in WooCommerce?

Yes, you can enable the option of multiple payment gateways to be used on your WooCommerce platform. It will be convenient for customers to select a preferred choice of method to pay for products and continue experiencing a seamless shopping experience.

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