13 October

Top 5 WordPress Features That Make It The First Choice For Website Development

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WordPress is the most popular, and therefore, the frequently preferred content management system for creating websites for businesses in different domains. Ever since it emerged, it had been ruling the website development market more than any other development platform. Did you ever wonder what are those key WordPress features that make it such a highly preferred CMS? You might not! Well, things are not over yet, and you still can do explore those key features. This blog helps lists top 5 advantageous features of WordPress, which make it the top choice today.

User-Friendliness:- WordPress comes with a simple and user-friendly UI. It allows you add new pages, categories, content, images and more quickly as well as with a lot of ease. You can quickly set up your website and make it to you business goal in a few steps.

Global Manageability:- WordPress has a global storage system that powers you manage your website quickly from any computer. All you need to do is login to the wp-admin panel and there you go. Start customizing the website in the desired manner.

Centralized Control:- Admin reserves the right to manage the website functionalities, viz. adding content, images, video embedded links and more. In addition, the rights to WordPress maintenance also lie with the Admin panel, where he/she can assign some rights to the other users.

Functionality Expansion:- WordPress comes with a global library of plugins that allow you extend the functionality of a website. If you want to add calendar, Facebook Like Box, Twitter Feeds, Video gallery to you blog, you can install corresponding plugins on your WordPress site, which are free.

Multiple Users:- WordPress admin can create multiple users and assign different permissions to them. In the way, the website can be managed by multiple users with different permissions.

The aforementioned features cum advantages of WordPress make it perfect for creating business websites and expand its functionalities as per business requirements.

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