9 June

Things to Do When WordPress Website Hacked & URL Compromised

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Adequate amount of investment, countless hours, and many efforts put into the successful WordPress website development. And, in the end, you found your WordPress website hacked and URL compromises?

Why does it happen? Is it only happening with the WordPress website or any other platform? How to prevent hacking of the business website and what precautionary measures to take?

To answer all these questions, we are here for your support. Here, we will be looking at the top reasons WordPress website is exposed to hackers and attackers. And, the suitable ways to prevent it.

Why WordPress is Targeted by Hackers?

First and foremost, WordPress is not the only website that is attacked by hackers. There are other websites also vulnerable to hackers.

One of the common reasons behind WordPress hacking is its widespread reach. At present, WP powers 40% of the total world websites and become the easy target of hackers around.

Even the immense popularity of this CMS makes it another reason for hacker’s attack and compromising the URL.

Common Signs that Your WordPress Website is Compromised

* You cannot log in to the WordPress site.
* Your site has a changed layout and functionalities without letting you know anything about it.
* You might come across your homepage replaced by a static page or new content has been added without your knowledge.
* You and your users get a warning sign when trying to access the website.
* When you search your website on Google, it showcases that site has been hacked.
* When the URL of your website takes you to another website.
* You have received a warning regarding a security breach of the plugin or any unexpected change.
* Your hosting provider warned you about any unusual activity on your account.

Top Causes of the WordPress Website Hacking & Compromised URL

1. Your Web Hosting is Not Secured

As you know, WordPress requires web hosting from a reliable web hosting platform. Sometimes, hosting companies do not have a secured platform that results in your WP site got hacked and become vulnerable to cyber attackers.

2. Using Weak Passwords

It is strongly recommended to create unique and easy to remember passwords for your WP admin account, web hosting control panel account, FTP accounts, MySQL database account, and Email accounts. Failed to do the same increase the chances of hacking attempts at your WordPress website.

3. Access to WP Admin in an Unprotected Way

WordPress admin is another common area attacked by hackers. It happens when you leave it unprotected without using a single-layer or a two-layer authentication factor and strong passwords.

4. Incorrect File Permissions

The web server makes the rules of giving file permissions. These permissions allow the web server control gets access to all the files. However, incorrect file permissions further lead to hacking. Remember the fact that your WP files should have 644 value.

5. Did Not Update the WordPress

There is a myth in the minds of several WordPress website owners that updating their site will break all the content, plugins, and themes. And, this mainly happens at the time of availing of WordPress migration services. Well, that’s not true. Updating your WP will bring few security fixes and bugs vulnerabilities. So, if you avoid updating your site, then also, you are giving an open invitation to hackers.

Tips to Prevent WordPress Site Hacking

1. Turn your Site into Maintenance Mode

Once your site has been hacked, then you do not want your targeted customer base to access your compromised website. Because, if they do, then they will lose trust in your brand and move to your competitor.

Therefore, turn your site into maintenance mode. Once done, then it will appear to users as “The Website is Under Maintenance”. Doing this will maintain your credibility among the users.

Also, if you cannot log in to your site due to hacked situation, then switch on the maintenance mode, once access the website.

2. Reset Passwords

Once you are aware of the fact that your site has been hacked, then do not waste more time thinking about this and change the SFTP password, database password, and even the password of your hosting provider. It is an important move on the part of WordPress development and its success ahead.

3. Remove Users

If you find any admin accounts added to your WordPress site, then it’s time to delete such users. Do check with the authorized admins that such users have not changed their account details and you do not recognize them.

Follow the simple process to remove unwanted users from the site by going to Users>>Administration>>check the list of users and then select Delete in the Bulk Actions.

4. Delete Unwanted Files

Install a security plugin called WordFence to find any of the unwanted files on the WordPress website. Once rectified, delete the same without making any further delay.

5. Update Plugins & Themes

Make sure to update all your plugins and themes by going to Dashboard>>Updates. This is necessary to be done before any fixes because of the fact that if plugins or themes bring vulnerability to your site, then it better is to update the same.

6. Clean Out your Sitemap & Resubmit

If one of the causes of the WordPress site being hacked is due to the vulnerability in your sitemap.xml. To fix this, you can regenerate your sitemap by using your SEO plugin. For this, you need to tell Google also that your site has been cleaned. So, do this in a way like submit your site to the Google Search Console and submit your sitemap to make your site once again be crawled.

7. Reinstall WordPress Core

If the above methods cannot fix the hacking problem, then you are left with the resort of reinstalling WordPress. In case the files in the WordPress core have been compromised, then install that also.

Once done, upload clean WordPress files to your site via SFTP. Make sure to overwrite the old ones. Another useful tip is to take the backup of your wp-config.php and .htaccess files first.


WordPress is an incredibly popular and widely accepted CMS for creating any sort of enterprise website. Equally important is to take care of the necessary safety precautions and security updates to prevent the movements of hackers. If you need any assistance related to that, then get in touch with WordPress India. This is a leading company that offers development and WordPress customization services as per different industry verticals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is WordPress?

WordPress is a highly popular content management system that is used to develop large, medium to small enterprises of websites. It comes packed with a plethora of plugins, themes, and extensions for the easy customization of the website in the shortest possible time.

2. Is WordPress Vulnerable to Hacking Attempts?

Yes. Not just WordPress only, all the other websites build on a particular platform is always exposed to hackers and attackers. Only a protected layer of security and necessary precautions safeguard a website from appearing vulnerable to cyber threats.

3. What is the Cost Estimation of WordPress Website Development?

The actual cost of developing a WordPress website depends on manifold factors like business requirements, features to add, customized functionalities to create, project’s complexity, resources required, and more.

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