13 April

The All-New Stats Widget for WordPress Website on iPhone

All-New Stats Widget for WordPress Website on iPhone

As you already know, WordPress mobile apps are quite popular among users to have a direct view of their website, blog, online selling platform, or any portal while on the go. Especially, iPhone users find the convenience of directly accessing their WP website via smartphone at any point in time.

Recently, WordPress launched an all-new Stats widget for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. This exclusive widget helps users to have a transparent view of their website activity without even opening the WordPress mobile application.

The WordPress Community has recently built a Stats widget for iOS 14 and is now available in the version of WordPress 16.9.

Check Out the Glimpses of WordPress Stats Widget for iOS 

WordPress Stats widget is a useful feature for iOS users to have a transparent view of their website traffic, find site visitors, and analyze performance. Users can install this widget on their iPhone and iPad that provides a clear view of the website statistics. All you have to do is tap on the widget to see the total number of visitors at the moment, scrolling time, and other details.

The widget is available in both small and large size versions giving you useful insights as per the requirements. Doing this helps you have a complete overview of your WordPress website performance while on the go and at any point in time.

Best Features of WordPress Stats Widget

 A professional and experienced team of WordPress developers has developed this special Stats widget classifying the information into three categories like Today, This Week, and All Time.

* Today: This feature allows you to see how many visitors, views, and comments you have for today.

* This Week: It gives you useful insights into the total number of visitors who visited, commented, and liked a post on your website this week. And, you can compare the stats with the past week and on a daily basis records.

*All-Time: It shows you the total number of views, likes, and comments from your best day.

No matter, if you have multiple WordPress websites running at the time. You can integrate the feature of the Stats widget on all platforms and see the individual statistics on your handy device itself. Get the reliable assistance of WordPress development services to integrate the Stats for multiple websites.

How to Get Stats Widget for iOS? 

If you want to avail of the result-oriented WordPress Stats widget for your iOS device, then get access to the WordPress.com site or use the WordPress Jetpack. You have to update to the latest version of WordPress to get this widget. Once installed, then add the widget to your home screen and start accessing the same. Also, Android users can access this widget using the same method.

Final Note 

Make your site visiting, likes, and comments analysis goes simple with the WordPress Stats widget. It helps to bring a new addition to your WordPress website after analyzing the overall performance. Increase the website visiting time and decrease the bounce rate after making specific changes and altercations.

If you want to add the much-needed WordPress Stats widget on your iOS device, then get the reliable assistance of a WordPress website development company. Concerning this, WordPressIndia is a leading organization having an extensive team of WordPress developers, hands-on latest technologies, and prior years of successful experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions


 What is a WordPress Widget?

A widget for a WordPress website is an extended functionality to add new features to your existing platform. Just like Stats is a widget that helps website owners to track and see overall website visitors, likes, and comments on a daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time basis.

How to Integrate WordPress Widget on iOS?

You have to first upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and after that the new version of iOS. Get the reliable support of WordPress developers that help to combine the feature of useful Stats with your existing website.

What is the Cost of Developing a WordPress Website for iOS Platform?

There is no such fixed cost involves in the process of developing a WordPress website for the iOS platform. The development depends on the number of features, types of functionalities, project complexity, and other considerations.

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